This week as the title suggests, we are dealing with the Ithwen, an extinct Elven culture, eliminated by a Celestial Dragon, known as Far-Loradain. We also have a first look at a village constructed by the Ciel Fey.

It isn’t all however, we also bring you an imaging of the Church of Malaut, perhaps the biggest evil NPC faction in the Mercian lands, and a couple of.. other images.. Which some people may wish to debate.

The Ithwen

They were once a powerful Elven Culture, there in the times of need for the Mirdain and their allies, against the might of the Alfar when they first arose in power.

In time, they were all but destroyed by a Celestial Dragon, called Far-Loradain. Within a matter of days, their cities were torn down, their people dead. There was no time for their allies to bring aid, before it was all over, and Far-Loradain fell again into a slumber, in his new home at the centre of the jungle isle of Yssam. The Ithwen are now all but extinct, with no-one to this day, knowing what brought Far-Loradain to lay them to waste.

Here are some of their remains and ruins:

A relative intact ruin in the distance.. The walls are still mostly standing at least..



The Ciel Fey

The Ciel Fey are an isolationist offshoot of the Mirdain, breaking away in year 1120 after a failed rebellion attempt, to try replace the current King with one more sympathetic to their views. They were highly upset – to put it mildly – over the fact that there was aggressive logging of their forests being carried out by other races.

After the rebellion attempt, there was no going back. This group splintered off, becoming the Ciel Fey, and over time very xenophobic. Many of them consider even the Mirdain as enemies.

As much as possible, The Ciel Fey attempt to live in harmony with the trees around them. Here is an example of one of their villages.

The Church of Malaut

It is no secret to the Mercians, that Malaut – the Demon of Greed – followed them to their new homeland of Mercia. It is also rumoured, however, that the number of cultists belonging to Malaut is large. It is whispered more fearfully still, that The Below, Malaut’s lieutenants are also increasing in number, here on the mainland.

Here we can see a Church of Malaut, based within Mercia itself..

Are they? Aren’t they?

I don’t wish to comment too extensively on these next images, as I have no confirmation myself as yet, either way on the question posed above. There are both ‘for’ and ‘against’ aspects of the images. So without my bias colouring things, what do you all think?

This is within a bandit camp, in the Ork lands of Morak.

This one is taken near one of the many lakes within the Mahirim Tribelands.

And there we have it for another week. It will be another screenshot update next week, but all going to plan, we’ll be back to informative updates after that. Take care all!

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