In the grim darkness of the far future, there are only checkered game boards.

Ever since the collapse of the Dawn of War publisher THQ, Games Workshop seems to be only funding smaller budget Warhammer titles. So far, we’ve had good games like Space Hulk, and atrocities like Storm of Vengeance. And now, Hammerfall Publishing is bringing the obvious, with Warhammer 40k: Chess. Subtitled Regicide, it’ll combine the classic strategy of chess with the grim darkness of 40k, and also add a campaign mode to boot.

Chess, much like the Carrion Lord himself, hasn’t changed much in the millennia-plus it’s been around. Sure, sometimes you get oddballs like Chess 2: The Sequel, but nothing ever supplants the symmetrical perfection of Chess. Theme aside, how is Regicide different? While we don’t have game play details yet, we do know that it will feature a campaign mode, with a Blood Angels story written by 40K author Ross Watson. Not enough? Well, there’s also a multiplayer mode. Look, it’s chess with Space Marines, what else do you want?

While no platforms have been announced yet, Hammerfall Publishing describes themselves as working with “PC, tablet, and mobile platforms”, so it’d be safe to expect iOS and Android versions along with the requisite Steam release. More details should arrive before it launches later this year.

While adding chainswords and bolters might be a lively addition to the calcified game, it’s still pretty tame compared to the real-life sport of Chess Boxing.

Source: Warhammer 40K: Chess – Regicide

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