Our bi-weekly Q&A series continues today with Richard Duffek’s answers on five important questions. He discusses group sizes, customization of guild banners and much more.

WarCry Q&A: Warhammer Online
Answers by Richard Duffek
Questions by Matt Lowery

imageWarCry: Group sizes seem to be set to 6. For raids, or large encounters, how many groups do you need to take on things like the Bloodthirster, or other epic mobs?

Richard Duffek: We will have a system in place similar to DAoC’s Battlegroups, where you basically have a “group of groups” taking on large encounters. Different encounters will be geared to different sized BGs, but that’s something we’ll be tweaking through beta as more and more testers throw themselves onto the giant pile of corpses surrounding the Bloodthirster’s feet.

WarCry: We were told you will be able to customize your guild banner. Does your guild banner do anything, or is it just for looks?

Richard Duffek: While we really can’t get into guild features much at this point, I can assure you that the guild banner will do more than just look pretty.

WarCry: In Scenarios, the instanced PvP, what is the highest amount of players allowed in the large instances at a time? What would be the average?

imageRichard Duffek: We’ve got Scenarios built for all different sizes – 6-on-6, 12-on-12, 24-on-24, etc. Again, this is something that we’re going to be looking at and analyzing a lot through the beta process. We’ll be tweaking the numbers for each scenario based on feedback from the testers; if one feels a little cramped, we’ll lower the numbers… if one feels a little sparse and it’s taking too long to get to the action, we’ll raise the numbers, etc.

WarCry: Will Items break or degrade over time?

Richard Duffek: No, but there will be certain things (NOT armor or weapons) that have a limited number of uses or duration of usability available.

WarCry: We were told there are over 40 sets of armor for just one class in the game. Squig armor, City armor, Dungeon armor etc. Do these names have some meaning other than cool names? IE is City armor for taking cities?

Richard Duffek: Forty is a bit high, but there are over twenty sets of armor for each career. The names on the armor sets definitely have a meaning and are indicative of their type, where they are acquired, who they’re for, etc.

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