Today we get back on track with our Warhammer Online Q&A series. This time Matt Lowery asks five questions of the development team, that look at PvP, Public Quests, tactics and more.



WarCry: Can you tell us a bit about how you can tell enemy players level compared to yours? Do you see their actual levels or are their names color coded?

WAR Community Team: Enemy players are flagged the same as enemy NPCs in relation to the power difference between them and you. Their names are color coded ranging from Grey to Purple based on the level difference.

WarCry: With collision detection in the game, how do other players affect line of sight, if at all? Can I still shoot at a player I have targeted if they are standing behind someone else? Also how does Line of Sight work? If I start to cast a spell at someone, and they move behind a large rock, will my spell still go off and hit?

WAR Community Team: Line of sight is most definitely affected by other players; if you can’t see them, you can’t cast at them. Line of sight is determined when the spell goes off, so if they’re not still in your line of site at the end of the casting timer, you won’t be able to cast on them.

Empire Cannon

WarCry: Public quests are designed for many people in the same area to participate in. Are these encounters dynamic? For example, if I am in an area with only 2 other players, will the game scale the public quest for how many are present? If not, how do you plan on adjusting these as players level are there are fewer lower level players in areas?

WAR Community Team: Public Quests are not dynamic; they’re designed for a certain range of players, both in number and in level. As for adjusting them based on population, that’s something we’ll have to look at down the road when we get to that point in the game’s life.

WarCry: Are all tactics available at the start of the game? While you might only have 1 available slot, can you choose any tactic for that slot, or do more unlock as you level? What about Morale abilities?



WAR Community Team: Tactics are arranged in groups based on level; so at level one, you’ll see all of the Tier One (level 1-9) tactics and can choose from any of them. Once you level to 10, additional ones will be unlocked for you to choose from.

WarCry: We know there are many different slots to equip armor and such, how many of these are visible on the character? IE, we know different armors have different looks, if I put on a pair of gloves, are those visible? Or a helm?

WAR Community Team: Yes, all of the major armor slots are visible on the character: torso, pants, gloves, cloak, helm, even the belt!

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