Warhammer Online: Exclusive Interview #9

In our latest set of questions and answers from EA Mythic’s Warhammer Online development team, we learn about tactics, speed, storage, public quests and much more. As usual, the questions are answered by members of the WAR Community Team.

WarCry Q&A: Warhammer Online
Answers by the WAR Community Team
Questions by Matt Lowery


WarCry: In the recent combat podcast we were told that you can switch out Tactics between fights, and that you can have seven active at one time, how many will you have to switch between once you are level 40?

WAR Community Team: As a refresher:

You have seven Tactics slots. Four hold Tactics you earn through career advancement, two hold Tactics you earn via Renown (RvR) and one holds a Tactic you earn from quests (PvE).

For Career Tactics, the total available will vary by career, but is generally between 15 and 20 (out of 30 to 40 available). The other systems are still being tweaked, but the numbers will be comparable when scaled for the available slots.

WarCry: Are their any speed buff, or classes that increase speed like the Minstrel in DAOC?

WAR Community Team: All players have a default sprint ability which allows a short period of increased speed at the expense of your action points, in addition several classes also get an enhanced sprint which uses fewer action points and allows you to run faster than the standard sprint.

WarCry: What options will players have to store their excess equipment? Will we have bank boxes, extra back packs we can carry?

WAR Community Team: Vaults, banks, bags, etc. All of these mechanisms will all be available.


WarCry: We have been told that new Tactics open up at each new Tier. So at level 11, I will have access to Tactics I didn’t have access to at level 5. Can I not buy any Tactics till level 11 then, or must you spend them when you get them?

WAR Community Team: Yes, you can save tactic points for later use.

WarCry: How can players complete a Public Quest if there aren’t other players around to help? If a public quest gets progressively harder, how does it reset if no one is there to complete it?

WAR Community Team: Public Quests are intended to be completed by more than one player. Each stage is on a timer, if the players cannot complete a stage before the timer runs out the entire Public Quest will restart from stage one after a few minutes.

WarCry: Can you explain how stuns and mezzes will work in game? Are they AOE, single target, or ground target?

WAR Community Team: They’re not limited to one application, so you’ll see some of each of those. There is, however, a system of diminishing returns built into ANY movement-affecting abilities that leads to (short term) immunity to further stuns, roots or mezzes for a given target.

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