WCG 2006: Counter-Strike Finals


Team3D Clenches the WCG USA Championship.

Three tense days of Counter-Strike competition came to a close Sunday morning, as Team3D sent surprise-finalists United 5 packing after only two games of their best of three final.

“This is a massacre,” said commentator djWHEAT, aptly describing the brief, but dramatic game one on the “Train” map. Team3D aces Rambo and Volcano dominated the kill board, propelling Team3D to an easy 17-1 victory over the largely ineffective United 5.

And that’s when things got interesting.

Half-way through game two, Team3D accidentally triggered a known Counter-Strike glitch, giving them an unfair advantage over United 5. The exploit involved placement of the bomb, and caused the arming of the bomb to go unreported, allowing Team3D to score an easy detonation. Officials halted play and quickly ruled against Team 3D, awarding United 5 a five-round bonus, giving them a 13-6 lead .

United 5 took advantage of the shift in momentum to power over Team3D for two easy wins, drawing their lead to 15-6. According to tournament rules, they had to win just one more round to force a third game and retain a shot at winning the title, but they couldn’t pull it off.

Team3D methodically fought their way back, denying United 5 a single victory and forcing the game into overtime to bring home the win and become the 5-Time WCG USA Counter-Strike champions.

Team3D moves on to represent USA at the WCG World Championships in Monza, Italy.

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