She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.

It took a minute, but someone has finally combined our collective love for Star Wars with our collective hysterical fear love of quadcopter drones.

Olivier C (on YouTube) created this Kessel Run-destroying Millennium Falcon drone, and has posted three flight tests so far, the latest coming to us yesterday. (The first and second can be found here and here.)

Posting on Reddit, the creator says his YT-1300 freighter lookalike can climb vertically at 55 mph, and move forward at 19 mph. And while the drone itself is going to run you back hundreds or thousands of dollars, making it look like Han Solo’s home among the stars will not. Parts for the hull — lights included — supposedly cost about $33.

And the lights are really what bring the project together, particularly the strip on the back that mimic the thrust/sublight engine strip.

You may now fire your “12 parsec Kessel Run” joke salvo at will.

Source: PopMech

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