Weekly Awakening

    When it comes to any game of the Final Fantasy series, one of my personal favorite things to do has always been to level up the myriad of colorful characters. The joy of reaching a higher level and the agony of realizing, to late of course, that you neglected a character that you need for a boss battle. Leveling up multiple characters, in my opinion, is a staple of Final Fantasy games past and future. The only idea I can come up with is the fact the X-2 is a sequel to X, so they tried an experiment of characters. Sure there are people out there that I’m sure love the fact that X-2 has only 3 characters to concentrate on, I realize the multiple dresspheres, it just isn’t the same, but I bet there are many people who also agree with me. It’s my belief that multiple characters also add diversity to the usually unique cast of Final Fantasy characters. As I stated before this is all a matter of opinion, you could agree with me, you could disagree with me, to each is own.

    Another aspect I disagree with in X-2 would be the lack of being able to switch weapons. You start the game with a weapon; you end the game with the same weapon. I personally love to waste my gil on a weapon that I find out only an hour later I could pick it up for cheaper or for free. Working on uncovering the coveted “ultimate” or “celestial” or whatever you prefer to call them is another important aspect of the Final Fantasy series, at least in my opinion. Sure the changeable accessories are still there, but without weapons what fun is it really. Again, possibly another way to differentiate the most different of Final Fantasy’s from its previous predecessors.

    With those thoughts I end this weeks awakening, please e-mail me with any opinions, thoughts, ideas or questions, my e-mail is [email protected] or you may speak with me directly if you have AOL or AIM my screen name is Z28SpeedFrk. I hope to include some feedback in next weeks awakening.

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