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Q&A #3

Q: What are the developers doing about housing destruction? Will it be a simple task of just hitting the house with a sword for an hour or just throwing a torch at the roof and sitting back and watching it burn, or will houses only be able to be destroyed by siege engine?

A: We never thought it was a good idea beating down a structure with a dagger. Buildings can be destroyed by deploying and using one of the many different types of siege engines we’ve got in the game.

Q: Will there be a limit of how many hired guards a city can have in its garrison, or can we buy as many as we can afford?

A: The way it works is that there’s a limit on the number of guards per defensive structure. I’m forced to be vague here and let you speculate as to what that might mean, basically because we’re not at liberty to discuss this in more depth yet. I’d give you a number of guards per defensive structure too, but that’s something we’re still testing.

Q: Can you base a clan out of a ship such that when you die, you respawn on that ship?

A: No, you respawn at a clan stone. I think that there was a misconception about the ‘putting your entire clan on a ship’ capability. It was meant to signify the size of some ships, rather than their core function. Ships are combat platforms and means of transportation. Some of them are certainly large enough to load up your clan, but the clan members that get picked off, have missed the boat 😉

Q: So far, all I have seen have been right handed models. Do you have to declare what hand your character prefers at creation or can you wield your weapon in your right or left hand equally?

A: We support only right handed characters. An option of left handed characters would mean making new sets of animations and we’re a small independent developer with limited resources 😉

Q: Could you name all the racial mounts?

A: I’ll answer this one next week. I’ll remember to add it to the batch of questions you send.

Q: You have said Mahirim will not have racial mounts as they can run on all fours. What can you tell us about the Mahirim movement speed as compared to a mounted character?

A: The Mahirim movement speed is pretty much equal with the other mounts when it’s on all fours. Additionally they have the ability to ride other racial mounts.

Q: One exciting feature of Darkfall Online is mounted combat. The Mahirim do not have a racial mount, so will the Mahirim be able to attack from their travel mode? (I have visions of a Mahirim lunging from all fours at the throat of an enemy.)

A: Their attack is less powerful than other mounted attacks, closer to the power of attack of the other mounts rather than the attack of the rider. If the Mahirim chooses to ride another racial mount, it can inflict normal rider damage. You’re right about the lunging from all fours at the throat of an enemy by the way. The Mahirim uses a bite attack.

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