Weekly Q&A Issue #4 (The Mounts)

Welcome to another edition of Warcrys weekly Q&A with the Darkfall team. We would like to thank you the Darkfall fans for sticking with us through a rocky start and our hope is to bring you the latest news from the team every week. This week instead of our normal Q&A We will give you the official descriptions on the racial mounts and have a first look at the Dwarven mount.

Without further ado, on with the show……

Orks – Death Pigs

The Orkish mount is an enormous, vile-tempered pig, who’s black, oily, hairless hide has a texture like hippo skin. The death pig sweats constantly and profusely, covering its hide in a glistening layer of oily liquid which mixes with mud from the swamps of the Orkish homeland.

Dwarves – Garmir

Dwarven Garmir steeds resemble musk oxen, but with a few crucial differences. Their natural bone forehead plates are covered by solid iron plating added by Dwarven smiths. Small, pointed mithril studs protrude from these metal plates. Garmirs attack by raising their heads and bodies up to gain momentum before hammering down onto their enemy.

Alfar – Shulgan Drakes

The Alfar ride drakes, which are – in essence – small wingless dragons.
Their bodies are covered in metallic black scales, and in shape Drakes resemble ordinary dragons, rather than Dark Dragons. Small stumps on the flanks indicate that drakes were able to fly not all that many generations ago, before they adapted to an underground existence.

Mirdain – Aerdin Cats

Mirdain mounts are enormous cats which have been bred for size, obedience
and ferocity. Aerdin faces and bodies resemble those of huge Snow Leopards, and like those normal-sized felines, they have white fur with black spots, long, thick tails, and pale eyes.

Human – Mercian Warhorse

The Mercian warhorse is a massive, powerfully built beast which stands almost as tall as a human male. In combat, the warhorse has been trained to kick opponents with both hind legs and forelegs, and such a kick is just as devastating as – for example – fire breath from an Alfar Drake or a head-hammering from a Dwarven Garmir.

Having grown up on a horse farm my self, I can not wait to get on the back of one of the human warhorses. I hope everyone enjoyed this Special edition and we will be back to our normal Q&A next week.

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