Weekly Update: We gots Dwarves! And Orks!

This week I bring you some good news.. And some bad news. The bad news is, much like last week, for the next three weeks we’ll be running with screenshot releases only. The good news is, that we will be able to bring you some shots of things you may actually wish to see! Such as Dwarves and Orks! Their heads even! In the coming weeks we will be able to show you a few more locales than had previously been covered, and even a few more PvP shots, thanks to the guys from the Darkfall Online team!

Dwarves Ahoy!

Dwarven Rider, near his racial capital of Dvergheim.

Axe wielding Dwarf, far from home fighting his way through a Bandit Camp located in the Orkish lands of Morak.

A look over at a Hilltop Troll encampment, located somewhere in the lands of Dvergheim.

Here be Orks!

An Ork, swinging his Axe in the port town (and starting town) of ‘Metal Heart’, in Morak of course.

Ork riding near another starting town, this one with the charming name of ‘New Flayed Elf’.

Horse meat, anyone? This Ork is going on a bit of a mount killing rampage.

That’s all we got for this week, but next week we’ll be showing off a few as yet unseen locations, which I know a number of you have been asking for.

Til then, take care!

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