Greetings fellow travelers! Welcome to “Janita’s Rack” (Random Access Conversations K – um, because it’s needed to spell rack!)… I don’t have a specific theme for my musings, just random thoughts that pop into my brain as I play the game and interact with others.

THE SMALL PRINT: These are just my opinions and not anything like “official” – I’m not speaking for anyone or any type of player, just speaking for me: a middle-aged American female who’s played the game with her husband and friends for 5 years & is now playing on the classic cluster, Bossiney. (I find demographics seem to color perceptions of the game.)

Today, I’m thinking about play styles. It seems to me that there are quite a few play styles out there and the game has room for them all. You could be one who sees the game as:

1. A big chat room
2. Community above all (the good of the many determines how I play each day)
3. Role-play
4. Crafting only
5. PvE only
6. Epic encounters only
7. Quests only
8. Guild only
9. Keep / tower defense or conquest
10.Zerg on zerg open field
11.Red-is-dead (8 or 16 or zerg)
12.Strict “l33t” 8 vs 8
13.1 vs 1
14.The stealther game
15.Variety – a perfect day has a little bit of everthing!

I have thoughts and comments about each play style, which I’ll get into in other posts. I personally believe that each play style is valid and that fun can be had in every category. You don’t have to play this way or that way to be a “valid” player – you should be true to yourself and do what you like to do.

Some questions to ask yourself:

What is my play style?
How do I view others who choose to play differently?
Why is their choice less valid than mine to me? (If it is.)
How do they view me?

My take-away for the day:

When looking at others and their play styles and getting frustrated when they clash with you, take a step back and realize that they don’t HAVE to be like you – they’re just trying to be true to who they are and what they find fun. So try to be patient with them and their delusions!

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