Welcome to Our Halloween Extravaganza!



Welcome to The Escapist’s and WarCry’s first ever Halloween Extravaganza. We’re really glad you could make it! We’ll be bobbing for apples later, but in the meantime, we have plenty of great activities planned.

First, try to escape the clutches of the evil Arcade Manager in our text adventure Phantom of the Arcade. Think you can become an Arcade Escapee?

Test your zombie-fu – and perhaps take home a cool prize pack from Razer – by taking the 30 Zombies in 30 Seconds quiz. Identify all 30 zombies to become a certified Zombie Hunter.

Finally, what would Halloween be without a few good monsters lurking around? Identify as many as you can in our 30 Monsters in 30 Seconds quiz. Figure out all 30 of our favorite baddies and come back a Monster Hunter.

Finish all three before Halloween and you’ll earn the special Hallo-winner badge! This is a limited-time only offer, so get your proton packs locked and loaded.

Enjoy the games and try the taco dip. By the way, your costume looks fantastic! Oh, that’s not a costume? My, this is awkward.

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