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This week’s issue of The Escapist is all about art and animation in games, and to celebrate we’ve decided to create an official thread for all of our community members can express their own inner artiste. This is a thread where members of The Escapist forum family can get together to create a visual story, whether on their own or working collaboratively.

How does this work, you ask? Why, it’s simple: However you want!

Okay, maybe it’s a little bit more fleshed-out than that. We’ve provided a starting point for you all! Introducing:

Cutscenes from the Bargain Bin!

In the back corners of office supply stores, big box mega-marts and of course your favorite videogames boutique you’ll always find the Bargain Bin: A melange of obvious knockoffs, castaways and other varied shovelware. In one such pile of mediocrity the gameworlds have combined, yet the story continues…

Alice: A short-fused space liner captain from Texas whose entire crew has been killed and eaten by mutant aliens, she alone must shoot them all in the face!

Outback Bruce: Jumping from ledge to rocky ledge in constant mortal danger, this harcore Aussie conservationist will stop at nothing to rescue every squirrel… for some reason.

Charlie: A film noir detective from sunny California perpetually sporting a fedora and taupe overcoat, there is no killer he can’t catch, no thief he can’t pinch, and no room he can’t search from high to low.

Diane: A marmot from the Northern reaches of the UK, this circus performer is frequently accompanied by her consort Talbert, a pygmy elephant, to experience the wonder of traveling Big Top life!

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This is just what our in-house artists have whipped up as quick introductions to the characters. But for you all? The sky is the limit! Your job is to continue their story – however you want.

Make the characters laugh, make them cry, make them go on vacation to Tahiti or whatever you choose. All you have to do is draw a few panels and post them here. Feel free to start your own tale, or to continue someone else’s – but if you’re continuing where someone else started, make sure to quote them so we can follow the story as it unfolds! Don’t be afraid of continuing even if someone else has taken their own twist on a story: Imagine it as one giant branching storyline with multiple paths and options.

If you aren’t Rembrandt, don’t worry – MS paint stick figures are just as welcome as the work of Michaelangelo.

Images should be no more than 650px wide. Please no graphic content – keep it PG-13.

This thread is for images only. Keep any discussion and feedback to this thread. Any discussion will be deleted, and repeated infractions may result in moderation.

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