To celebrate the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2, The Escapist is throwing its very own Mario Party!

Few things in the world of gaming are as enduring as that little plumber dressed in red, Mario. From his early days as Jumpman to his most recent adventures soaring through the galaxy, Mario has remained one of gaming’s most beloved and recognizable characters. With a career spanning decades, Mario has achieved a level of success that’s truly astounding, even if he can’t quite manage to keep Bowser from kidnapping Peach every other day.

Our Mario Party is strictly BYOC (Bring Your Own Cake), but we do have plenty of other goodies for you:

The Escapist’s Review of Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Escapist Staff Shares Their Mario Memories…and Dances!

Test Your Mario Knowledge With This Quiz

Get Your Wallet Ready: The 15 Best Mario Items You Should Own

Prepare to Be Amazed: The 15 Best Mario-Related Videos On the Internet

How Amazing Is Mario? Check Out His Guinness Records!


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