What Do You Want to Read in The Escapist?

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From piracy to religion, Star Wars to sEx, videogame violence to virtual pets, The Escapist‘s weekly magazine constantly strives to cover games from new and unique angles. But even after four years and 219 issues, there’s still new territory to explore. We want to know where you’d like us to go next.

We admit it: In The Escapist‘s ongoing quest to expose every nook and cranny of our favorite hobby to the blinding light of our insight, it’s possible we’ve left a few stones unturned. That’s why we want to hear from you about what topics you’d like to appear in our weekly magazine. Maybe you’ve noticed a genre or theme that’s conspicuously absent from our pages, or perhaps there’s a phenomenon sweeping the gaming space that you’re dying to hear more about. So what are you waiting for? Tell us about it!

We’ll be looking at your suggestions when we craft our next editorial calendar, and we’d love to hear directly from you about what kinds of features you’d like to read. Just post your favorite topics or themes in the comment thread.

I’ll kick things off: An issue about videogames and food. Seriously. Cooking games, cooking mechanics, favorite gaming snacks. Mmmm … I’m getting hungry already.

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