Letters to the Editor

Where There’s a Whip


In response to Pleasurable Genres from The Escapist Lounge: Sooner or later it had to happen. Sooner or later The Escapist was going to publish something that sucked.

– Michael Eaton

In response to Afraid of the Dark from The Escapist Lounge: Wow, what a great feeling to know that you’re not the only one out there living their lives as a SHP. I’ve spent many hours obsessed over the creepy goings on in Silent Hill, yet I couldn’t make it past the first scene in Silent Hill 1.

– Tad

In response to Afraid of the Dark from The Escapist Lounge: Fantastic! I always wondered if I was the only person cowardly enough to read FAQs and guides for horror games that I couldn’t bring myself to actually play! And yes, the feeling when you actually do finish a game is fantastic, like you braved the worst kind of challenge.

I had never thought much about why it might be this way, but you described the entire thing perfectly. Thanks for the read!

– Nathan

In response to Breaking the Fourth Wall from The Escapist Lounge: I am very deeply involved with Perplex City (the Alternate Reality Game mentioned in the article – Ed.) – I am the one referred to as “Paul” in the killer’s recording. That spooked me to no end – we did in effect “compose” the murder. But not everything is quite what it seems in Perplex City – music files can have hidden tracks, documents have hidden messages, images have hidden data, and we never know what to expect next. It really is quite an experience.

– skenmy

In response to Escapist Anniversary from The Escapist Lounge: Great news! I’ve been reading the magazine since issue #1 and I haven’t missed one yet. The quality and integrity of the publication haven’t wavered since that first issue many moons ago, and I look forward to those new goodies you’ve mentioned.

– Benoit

In response to Return to Revenholm from The Escapist Lounge: When I replayed [the Ravenholm level in Half-Life 2] recently I found myself repeatedly hitting the pause button and backing away when it all got too much. I don’t know why but some sort of venom-crab-phobia must have been building since I completed the game – in the end I cured it by standing still and letting one of them bite me repeatedly to try and desensitize myself. Great level.

– Zuben

In response to Sony vs. Ronald Regan from The Escapist Lounge: Sell your stock in Sony Corp as soon as possible.

– Patrick

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