Be careful with your Wiimote the next time you’re playing a spirited game of Wii Sports, or you might find yourself minus one dog.

Five-month-old Ozzy, a miniature Sheltie, lives with his owner, Kathy White, in Marquette, Michigan. One night, Ozzie was watching his owner trying out her brand new Wii Bowling. As White drew her hand back, Ozzy leapt up at her, and Kathy’s swing connected squarely with poor Ozzy’s head, knocking him out cold.

Luckily, White’s screams drew the attention of her neighbor, Pene Honey, who gave the puppy the kiss of life (yes, actual mouth-to-mouth), saving him from the brink of death.

Ozzy was then rushed to a local vet, where he was treated for cardiac arrest and severe brain swelling. It’s taken him several weeks to recover, but according to White, he’s almost back to normal now.

Now when the family is bowling, Ozzy is kept locked safely away.

Source: Metro

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