Mike Wilson isn’t a politician, or a big thinker. He’s just a game company CEO who’s had enough. Enough infighting, enough censorship and enough not fun-ness. So he’s decided to do something about it.

As reported last week in The Escapist, Mike Wilson, CEO of Gamecock, has decided to run for President of the Entertainment Software Association, the stewards of this week’s E3 Business and Media Summit. Wilson believes it’s time for change in the ESA, an organization of which he’s never been a member, and he needs your help.

But that’s where things get murky. For one thing, the ESA isn’t a democratic body, and its president is not elected. Further, Wilson doesn’t even know what the letters ESA stand for. But he does believe in fun, and this week, as the collected gamerati descend on downtown LA for this year’s E3, Wilson and his Gamecock crew will be dogging their heels, preaching his doctrine of “fun we can believe in” and touting his campaign slogan “Yes we am!”

Unfortunately the campaign has gotten off to a rough start. Last week, allegations arose of an illicit love affair with a former God games catholic school girl who claims to have borne the candidate’s love child. The Wilson campaign responded swiftly and forcefully, with a show of strong support from the candidate’s wife, refuting the allegations and promising to have her DNA expert (whom she keeps on retainer) to look into it. What, ultimately, will come of these allegations is anyone’s guess, as is the damage it could do the Wilson candidacy.

As E3 gets under way, this must look like the darkest hour for Wilson and his presidential prospects. As this, the most crucial period in his candidacy unfold, The Escapist will be with the candidate every step of the way, from his campaign headquarters at the Hotel Figueroa, to his travels across the city, stumping for change he can spend and fun he can believe in. We’ve no idea what will come of this ultimately pointless candidacy, but we’re fairly certain something interesting will happen.

Stay tuned.

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