Wolf Team First Look Q&A

Wolf Team, a new online first person shooter with MMO qualities, is the subject of WarCry’s ‘First Look Q&A’ with producer ‘AndoSky’. Keep reading to learn what sets Wolf Team apart from other MMO shooters.


WC: Please introduce yourself and give us your history with Wolf Team.

Hello my name is AndoSky and I’m the Producer of Wolf Team at Aeria Games.

WC: For those unfamiliar with Wolf Team, what can you tell us about the game overall?

Wolf Team is an online First-Person Shooter (FPS) for the PC. In some ways it is like other FPS games, however what separates it from the pack is that it gives players the ability to transform between playing as a Human or a Werewolf. Humans have a large assortment of weapons they can select from, while wolves provide a new twist on melee combat. Wolves are fast and have the ability to run along walls. The game also features several great game modes and many different maps to choose from.

WC: Has Wolf Team been released elsewhere? If so, how has it been received?

Aeria Games is the English publisher for North America and Europe. The game is also popular internationally, such as in Latin America.

WC: Wolf Team is described as an online FPS. Explain what that means.

Players who log into Wolf Team can join games of up to 16 players at a time.

WC: Would you consider Wolf Team to be an MMO? Please explain.

While the game may not be viewed as a traditional MMO, there is a definite persistence to it. Upon completing a game players earn experience and gold. Players can then level up their rank and purchase/upgrade equipment. They can also compete against other players for trying to achieve the best stats such as kill/death ratio.


WC: What is the background of the name “Wolf Team”?

To summarize the background story, a DNA mutation was discovered that caused people to exhibit wolf-like abilities. The government had scientists study the traits, not because they wanted to cure it, but so they could use it for secret military experiments. The operatives they created based on their research became part of an organization known as “Wolf Team.”

WC: What is Wolf Team’s setting?

The story is semi-futuristic and set in Europe. Several of the maps show the influence of this setting clearly.

WC: Is there much emphasis on story in Wolf Team?

Not too much within the game, but here is a cool video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zM41GVYYOMI

WC: What classes are included in Wolf Team?

Wolf Team does not have different classes, however there are 9 forms of Wolves that players can choose. A few of the more interesting ones Ghost Wolf which becomes invisible when they don’t move and the Guardian Wolf which is very strong and can block bullet fire.

WC: Which of the above is your personal favorite and why?

I’m not sure that I have a particular favorite, but it is a lot of fun to block a humans bullets using the Guardian Wolf, and then attack them once they have exhausted their bullets and are forced to reload.

WC: What types of maps are included? Which is your favorite and why?

There is a large range of maps in Wolf Team, from factories and bridges to a Japanese Village. One of the more interesting maps takes place on a zeppelin that is flying through the air.

WC: Your FAQ indicates that Wolf Team is ‘free to play’. Will it have a ‘cash shop’. What types of items will be available in the cash shop and what is the price range?

Yes like other games that Aeria has to offer, Wolf Team is free to play in that there is no cost to download or play (no subscription fees). Players do have the option to purchase in-game items using Aeria Points which provide various benefits such as increased gold and Exp.

WC: What is your favorite premium item?

My favorite item is one that decreases the time it takes for you to re-spawn by a couple of seconds.

WC: Do players level up and get stronger?

There is a built-in ranking system, but leveling up does not make players any stronger since this is a game of skill. Ranks are mostly to establish bragging rights.

WC: What would you estimate the learning curve is for new players to Wolf Team?

Players who have played other FPS games will find Wolf Team easy to pick up. I think it does take a little practice to become good at playing as a werewolf, but this does not hinder the average player. There is a both strategy and skill in knowing when to transform between human and wolf form.

WC: Is Wolf Team geared more to the hardcore player or the casual player? What are the best features for each type?

I would say a little of both. What makes the game great is how you can easily jump in and play a game then go do something else whenever you feel the need. However players who have more time will acquire and upgrade their weapons and may eventually join a clan.

WC: Please add any other information that you’d like.

Be sure to check out Wolf Team. You can download it in only a few minutes from the Aeria Games website: http://wolfteam.aeriagames.com

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