The next DLC for Total War: Warhammer will bring the Wood Elves to the game.

Total War: Warhammer has given real-time strategy gamers a chance to play in the world of Warhammer. Since its launch in May, we’ve seen the game expand to include the Beastmen and the Chaos Warriors races. In about three weeks, the game will expand again, as a new DLC will bring in the Wood Elves race.

The Wood Elves will bring the “glass cannon” playstyle to the game. Marching forth from the enchanted forests of Athel Loren, the Wood Elves will bring powerful archers with the ability to fire on the move, equip specialized ammunition, and even fire in all directions, regardless of where they are facing.

You’ll also see the Wood Elves call on their woodland allies, including, “Dryads, Great Eagles, Forest Dragons and vast, ancient Treemen.” There’s also a new campaign resource called Amber that will allow the Wood Elves to recruit new units or progress toward a unique victory condition that requires them to grow a giant tree.

The new DLC will launch on December 8, and will run you $18.99. If you decide to pre-order, you can save 10% on Steam right now. If you want more info on the game, you can find it on the game’s official site.

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