World Of Warcraft: BC Questions!


the flying mounts only available to buy in the Outlands (etc) or are they in the same areas where you would normally buy the land-mounts?

Ain’t seen any vendors yet, and there aren’t any down by the Troll mount guy in Sen’Jin, so I’d have to say that yes, they’re only available in Outlands.


You mentioned that it takes 15,000 honor to purchase a GM weapon. Starting from scratch, this would take many many months to attain in today’s system. Starting from scratch in the new system, it seems like a very easy task. 25 honor per kill would equate to 600 kills to be able to purchase a GM weapon. It only takes a few days to get that many kills. Is it really this easy? Is there a large honor difference when killing someone 1v1 vs killing someone in a battleground (i.e. do you still get 25 honor per kill in battlegrounds)?

I get anywhere from 20-30 Honor Points per kill 1v1, currently. While you might think “Hey, that’s really simple to get the GM weapon then!” keep in mind that old Rank 14s got more than just one weapon upon hitting their rank–they could get ranged weaponry, a shield, different weapons depending on if they wanted to go 2H or Dual-Wield, as well as the Rank 12 and Rank 13 armor sets on the way to the top. Those will be all seperate purchases now.


I’m currently rank 8, and working towards 11 for the pvp mounts. If I don’t make it before the expansion is released, are they still available and what do they cost (honor/marks/etc)?

They are still available. They require 30 Marks of Honor from each battleground (AB, AV, WSG)… though those only stack to 20 currently, that will be changed in Burning Crusade.


what are the new zones in the burning crusade(except outland and the new starting zones)?

Er, the new zones in the Burning Crusade ARE Outland and the new Starting Zones. To be more specific, there are seven zones in Outland: Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, Terokkar Forest, Nagrand, Blade’s Edge Mountains, Netherstorm, and Shadowmoon Valley.


I just found this site, and i must say cool site indeed! A thing that has made me, to say the least, pretty mad is to see the new items. Can it be that they render all our efforts in MC/BWL/ONY/AQ/ZG utterly useless, by implementing far better items than is achievable now? Or do they change stats on current raid gear? This is something im very keen on discovering, as tbh i am gonna stop raíding BWL right now, if they dont change stats on the current tier sets.

My Netherwind gear is completely unchanged. You might want to stop raiding then, if that’s the case. :/


How can you buy Alterac Manna Biscuits and other consumables with the current Honor Point system?

Not sure about Alterac Manna Biscuits, but I know that Combat Potions are 1 honor point apiece.


I have two questions. One, I doubt you’ll be able to answer right now, but here goes… How long are the non-BC epic sets viable? The thought of doing MC and BWL for countless hours for nothing sickens me. Will my Tier 2 armor and Blackwing Lair gear be useful to me while raiding in my high sixties and perhaps even 70? Will there be any point to MC/BWL/Naxx once BC comes out?

Related to #40… it does help in levelling, I would assume, especially through Hellfire Peninsula. There, I was just blowing through content, and it definitely seemed like it was tuned more for people in blues than in raid epics. It’s slowing down now, and I believe that Blizzard intends for people to gear up in comparable gear from the earlier dungeons and quests to match what raiders can do. As level 65, I’ve replaced 4 pieces of my raid gear thus far, but I’m starting to see some VERY nice rewards.

It’ll help you level, yes… but it likely will be replaced, I’m afraid.


I have currently Rank 14 high warlord gear (and weapons) and I noticed I can buy the new set (with the same name) for honorpoints at lvl 70. My question
is: do you have to be “rank 14” (or former rank 14) to buy those for honor, or is honor alone enough (and not taking any ranking into account) ?

Honor alone will buy you it, but like I said–that’s only one piece of gear or one weapon.


1. Does the rested-XP bonus system work the same at level 60 and beyond?

2. Will level 60 players start off with 150% rested bonus (assuming they have been level 60 for long enough :))?

3. Do you get XP from mobs in the “old world” and existing instances (assuming they are high-enough level ofc), e.g. MC?

To the first–yes, Rested XP does work. To the second… I’m afraid not. :/ I’m just as disappointed from you are. The third question… yep, you do. I haven’t actually RUN any of the old instances, but you do get experience from them if they’re appropriately levelled 😛 However, raid experience (in a 40 man) IS practically nothing.

More to come later!

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