!Waste Not, Want Not was the task of the moment, and once collected, I was off to go kill things, specifically:
Dreadcallers, Flamewalkers, and Infernal Warbringers down !The Path of Anguish.


Protip – If the ground behind or around you starts shaking: Move. Move quickly. Move now.

The Path of Anguish is a pretty appropriate name, if you ask me. After a few rounds of death I was thinking of sewing into my robe: “I specced Destruction, and all I got is this lousy repair bill.” Now mind you, I am no slouch on the gear side. I’ve got my Felheart and a healthy dose of Nemesis, but… I got owned. Hard. Clearly some rethinking was in order.

Still, I was headed off to !Expedition Point. !Laying Waste to the Unwanted was just going to have to wait, because the closer I got to the Path of Glory, the less glorious it looked.


But hey, we’re getting to burn things down! Cool.

From Expedition Point, I was given a different kind of task after I collected some demon style rocks and weakened some gateways. It was time to hop a gryphon and from the air, drop bombs on those places (!Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz Gateways). Awesome!

Wing Commander Dabir’ee has one goal and one goal only: to put you in the air on an armored gryphon so you can do your job, whatever that job is. Don’t try to talk to him about much else, because he’s just not having it.

You know the Wildhammer folks from the Hinterlands? This is where you start to find more of them. Well, more like them.


I love the bombs. Blizzard puts smiley faces on them. How can you not smile? Once I was in the air, I let fly the smiles and was rewarded with a new task – to head to Shatter Point.

!Shatter Point is an awesome place, and your third flight point. I ended my day meeting !Wing Commander Gryphongar, and accepting a !Mission: The Abyssal Shelf. My newly launched career as an Alliance Bomber Girl was well underway… Yes, sir! For the Alliance, sir!

People you’re getting rep with, so far: Honor Hold, and apparently Exodar. Additionally you register on the Shattrath City radar.
Flight points: 1

Tune in this week and find out what happens when we visit the mines, find our first repeatable quest, and go exploring! There’s a lot of quests ahead, and as anyone in beta can tell you – we’re probably only scratching the surface.

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