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World Of Warcraft: Path of the Adept: Chapter 3


Chapter 3 in the Path of the Adept series. Click “Read More” below to read the third chapter.

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Chapter 3


I headed to Silverpine Forest, on my way I made a stop by Undercity to find another partner for my quest. A young Blood Elf was looking to get his weapon and insignia as well. His name was Kiba, and he had a friend with him: Maekara. After stocking up on our necessities, we made our way to Shadowfang Keep.
While exploring the keep, there was nobody guarding the front entrance, we came across the jail. We decided to free the prisoners there. We freed a prisoner that went by the name of “Landen Stilwell.” I remembered the name from the note. We asked him about the Bloodforged Ingots and he was awfully surprised we knew about them.

The Baron doesn’t even know about them! Take the cursed things, they’ve brought me nothing but bad luck anyway. I hid them in a crate somewhere inside the stables, across the courtyard.

We thanked him and turned to go up the stairs. We heard a loud growl behind us, and then Landen attacked us! He was a werewolf… or … something. It didn’t matter what he was, we were forced to kill him. He stood no chance with the three of us. There wasn’t much of a fight to the stables, and when we got there, we saw five giant Fel Steeds! They left us alone after we gave them a few chunks of boar meat. We found the crate and finally got out of that wretched keep.

…To Be Continued…

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