World Of Warcraft: Rogue Ramblings: Anar’alah belore (Pt 6a)


As a bonus, I included my current reputation chart, since I know someone would be inclined to ask if I didn’t. It looks a lot better now, a few levels later, this is just a shot at 16, having visited the Undercity. Not too much to say about the rewards, after all I got the Lupine Vest off a lynx.

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I picked up some more quests to start my adventures with, naturally.

!War on Deatholme (available inside the Sanctum of the Sun)
!Greed (Rogue only)
!Retaking Windrunner Spire (these are some good times solo..)

And more!

That’s right, Tranquillen, I am under your spell again… I can’t say no to you. But first, training in Silvermoon!


What, more quests? !Find Keltus Darkleaf (rogue only) – he’s totally easy to find, by the way. He seems to be preoccupied with lacy handkerchiefs. I left him alone at this point, by the way. I wanted to finish !Into Occupied Territory and give you all some hints where to find the plans you needed, if you haven’t found them already.

This will send you to An’telas, because after all, you are Tranquillen’s chief lackey. Magister Sylastor wants you to !Deactivate An’owyn, so hurry your sweet elf self straight south and get cracking on that. When you pass by Andilien Estate on the way, grab !Clearing the Way – those Greater Spindlewebs and Ghostclaw Ravagers are just off the road. You really can combine these things for more efficient questing, so go for it.

With all that done, why not head to Windrunner Spire?


image I knew I was getting a bit tired of Ghostlands and this quest when I purposely tried to see if I could jump off Windrunner Spire and hit the little winding platform going down, or perhaps even hit the ground without dying.

This is where rogue trickery comes in handy, do realize. (Woe to those who least expect us.) I snuck around the spire to avoid pulling the two mobs inside the room, around the left (not right, there’s nothing to jump to there) up to the ledge, jumped up, walked the edge, stealthed past just a couple mobs.

Alas, part way down the spire, I managed to get revealed.


Yeah, so much for that plan. Considering I occasionally miss the hop to the ledge outside BWL, I wasn’t surprised myself to become elf pancake (more like crepes, because elves are a bit too skinny) mere seconds later. Depth can be hard to judge sometimes, yes, indeed.

After killing a couple mobs, I found a shiny! I had a necklace in my hands now and that looked like a fun thing to follow up on. Little did I know…

Time to go to Undercity, and get promptly lost. That’s what I get for playing Alliance, right? Thankfully ST gave me a proper tip and without too much muddling about I was on my way to visit the Lady herself. (Thanks!)


Varimathras was there chilling out, so I decided to say hey, what up, grab that quest and take a picture for everyone.


Yes, this is where you can actually take a break and get out of Ghostlands for a while, if you are so inclined. Newbie undead will probably recognize a lot of what’s coming up – but first, back to Sylvanas. “What are we if not slaves to this torment?” she cries at you. Sing it, Sylvanas! I hear you loud and clear on that one. And when you hand her the necklace, sing it she will.

Once you hand her the necklace, you get a fantastic cinematic. Click the link if you want to see it. Sylvanas and the Banshees perform the newest hit song, Belore (aka Lament of the Highborne).


You get a !Delivery to the Sepulcher, and you also get a book afterwards with the lyrics. Finally I get what it is the elves are saying to me! I mean, I got it, I just didn’t know what it meant. “Anar’alah belore” indeed.

On my way to the Sepulcher, I ran into this guy and stopped him. He didn’t like that. Maybe if he were alive he’d learn how to walk faster!


Picked up some stuff in the Sepulcher while I was there, and you readers who remember being a freshly raised undead will notice the familiarity. It’s never to soon to start your reputation grind, young blood elves. If you poke about, you might even find some good gear. You can check out the Dalran watchers, poke in crates, sneak about in the Dead Fields, gather ingredients, and collect xp here and there. The Sepulcher is actually entertaining and you may as well get your Undercity rep going and do a few quests around here. Choose wisely though, some of that stuff’s going to be gray to you already. (You are so not worth the XP!) Don’t waste time, now. There’s leveling to be done.

For that, you have to go back to experience the fantastic new content in the Ghostlands.

This ends the first half of part six, but stay put and remember the Sunwell (or something)!

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