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World Of Warcraft: Rogue Ramblings, Part 2!


Our adventures of course, did not stop with a mere peek into the Ghostlands, no sir. Instead, I took advantage of the stealth options to see how safe it was and how far we could go without meeting a wandering patrol.


What is this? This looks like a border, in fact that looks like the southern border of the Ghostlands. I was able to stealth the entire way down the more or less straight road passing down the middle of the zone. The zone itself is not that interestingly laid out. Stuff on the left, stuff on the right, shimmy down the middle and that’s that.


Ah ha! I know what this is, this looks like a brighter zone on the other side of the portal – and it looks like I found the entrance to Eastern Plaguelands. I know in my brain this is a bad idea. Certainly there has to be something lurking on the other side waiting to jump me and send me back weeping to Silvermoon City. But why let that stop me? I am a low level character, my equipment is horrible, and my gear is replaceable. Not much to lose!



image I made it! This begs the question though – who thought it was a good idea to put such a high level zone right next to a low level area? Lowbie Horde, watch out, it’s going to be a gank fest from visiting Alliance in the Ghostlands. Not that I have bitter memories of places like Redridge. Nope. Moving onwards!

Once I got down the road a bit (in stealth, mind you) – I ran into this fellow. He hasn’t got a lot to say, and what he does say isn’t all that interesting, but he’s there.

Unfortunately just a few steps away from him, I was greeted by the EPL Greeter Plaguebat Club. There are no pictures or words to describe the unspeakable horrors of being one shotted repeatedly into submissive hearthing, and yes, gentle readers, that is exactly what happened.


Besides, I had things to do, you know? If it is one thing the Blood Elves have down, it is lining up. Unfortunately, a couple rebellious apprentices have gotten out of hand, and it is up to you to chase them down and administer some !Swift Discipline. You get to bap unruly elves with a stick! How fun is that?

I did make it back to the party, by the way – the benefit here is with the right invitation, you can pillage and plunder the tables for food and drink – for free. What a great way to save some money! Also, the party goers are much more chatty and friendly to you now. Since the !party never ends you can stop by as much as you need, well, until you move up to the next level of useful food and drink. Just wave that invite to anyone who gives you a second look.

If you have the quests !Defending Fairbreeze Village and !The Wayward Apprentice, you can and should do them both at the same time – they are in the same area.

The !Wayward Apprentice leads to !Corrupted Soil, !Unexpected Results, and !Research Notes. It is a good series, and not too hard to solo.



Just when you thought you had enough of everyone’s missing, unruly and wayward apprentice, you get a task to find yet another hiding apprentice, this time !The Magister’s Apprentice. What is with the elves not being able to find each other? WTB GPSr units and a lot of compasses for the elves, stat.

This will take you to Duskwither Spire. Apprentice Loralthalis is just too scared to go handle !Deactivating the Spire, and after a couple tries you might realize you are too. While you’re out there, you will need to find out !Where’s Wyllithen.


Still on the to-do list:
Amani Encroachment (nearby)
Powering our Defenses
The Scorched Grove
The Spearcrafter’s Hammer

image Coming up next, Alyxandria meets the Amani trolls and finishes that up, gets her butt kicked by the Scourge, hits level 10, and travels to Ghostlands with an actual quest… plus, we’ll find Wyllithen.

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