image Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider (Fairbreeze Village) has got a job for you once you hit about level 10-ish, anyway. !Missing in the Ghostlands will send you on your way to find a missing courier. Basically if you follow the road and look for Courier Dawnstrider, you’ll find him right at the border. Turns out he was on the way to Tranqillien.

imageRight next to !The Fallen Courier you will find Apothecary Thedra, who offers to save the blood elf, if you’ll go get the stuff. Once you speak to Thedra, you’re neutral with Tranquillien (unless you’ve been there to chat up the NPCs already). Now he’s still a little sickly, so it’s up to you to make your way over and deliver that message. I’m not surprised, so I hope you aren’t either.


“What’s this? A dark presence?”
No way! Yes way!

image Fortunately Arcanist Vandril and I were on the same wavelength about this task, and he gave me a nice reward for bringing forth the obvious. If you’re curious, go ahead and ask about the forsaken presence, since it is one of the early hints of alliance with the rest of the known world. Just don’t plan on learning all that much. The arcanist isn’t done yet, and sent me over to talk to High Executor Mavren, anyway.

While in Tranquillen, I noticed a lot of quests were ready for me to pick up, and a new flightpath as well! A few of the quests waiting for you in this new hub will include picking up goods from Silvermoon City, talking with Quatermaster Lymel, Sathren Azuredawn (in Silvermoon), and Skymistress Gloaming. Rathis Tomber wants you to go look for his supplies, but hang on to that thought for now and take care of the Quartermaster’s supplies first. After all, you get flightpaths.

image While dashing through to head into the city, I was diverted momentarily by a minstrel named Jero’me, who wanted me to listen to him perform. Don’t do it, it isn’t worth it (and it wasn’t even funny). Just make a note of where he is (under the bridge)… he might come in handy later. In fact, I’d bet 1c that he has some unknown function, because as ‘flavor text’, it wasn’t that awesome.


image Heading back, I decided to tackle nearby Suncrown village, and take care of those Nerubis guards. But then I saw the dying elf, and he wanted me to slay their leader Anok’suten as well. Whoever recommended the “suggested players” addition to the quests? Brilliant. With the help of a nearby adventurer by the name of Menaum, the guards and Anok’suten didn’t have a chance. This is a shout out to Menaum, wherever you may be adventuring: Thanks, dude!


There were other tasks involving the Scorched Grove too, but with a pile of tasks ahead of me this looked like another good place to stop. Stay tuned!

Next up on Rogue Ramblings – Alyxandria clears up a pile of old quests and bounces around like a yo-yo between Eversong Woods and the Ghostlands, which should bring her up to somewhere around level 13.

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