image Ah-ha, two quests, in the same area.

Amani Encroachment (I still had 1 or 2 left)
The Spearcrafter’s Hammer (nearby)

image“I not scared of dyin’, mon.”
After taking down Spearcrafter Otembe inside Tor’Watha, look behind you. There’s a dude in a cage. Suddenly you realize you’re playing politics between the Darkspears and the Amani as you are given the task to head over to Zeb’Watha and take care of Zul’Marosh. At least it isn’t an escort quest. Once you take care of that guy, be prepared to head back with a report for Farstrider Retreat and Fairbreeze Village.


Before that, however, it’s probably a good idea to head to the spire and finish up that quest. It’s a bit difficult when you first get it, but a level later it is much more managable. Simply go up the spire, hitting each crystal, killing each mob, and you are on your way. While you’re weaving your way through the spire, don’t forget to click on the journal on the table – this is why it is always good to just hover over everything you can. Seasoned pros might not need this reminder – but this one’s for the newbies who might be reading along.


Magister Duskwither is all full of regrets about the matter, anyway, going so far as to burn his notes. Speaking of stuff that could use a good burning, it occured to me that these pants were a little ratty and shouldn’t I, at this level, be sporting something a bit more durable? It might help with all the dying I was doing today. Seemed like nothing pressing though, and could be handled later.


No time for a break…

image While on this side of the map, more training seemed like a good idea. Is it just me or does she look like an elf you definitely don’t want to mess with? Speaking of things you don’t want to mess with, how about these rangers right around the Dead Scar? I couldn’t get them to tell me what they were up to, which is unfortunate. Come on Blizzard, fill us in a bit.


The world, filled with contrasts…

image With new training in hand (that’s right, I’ve got sap now, watch out) – it was time to head over to Goldenmist Village to take care of those pesky ghosts and wraiths. This guy here is Knucklerot, and from the chat on Local, you’ll be getting a quest to kill him later. For now, try to keep your sub-13 self away from the ?? mobs. Be wary if you are soloing here – the mobs are very tightly packed together and the graveyard is not far, but just far enough to be annoying.

Once you get to Tranquillen, be prepared to pick up a lot of quests at this hub, including !Down the Dead Scar, !Windrunner Village, !Culinary Crunch, !Trouble at the Underlight Mines, !Investigate An’daroth and !Help Ranger Valanna – are you getting the picture that your quest log is going to be pretty packed? Good.

image Finding Ranger Valanna is by far the easiest of these, just move on down the coast until you notice a boat. Once you hook up with Valanna, she wants you to go forth and !Deal with Zeb’sora. More trolls – this one wants you to collect the ears. Gruesome, but hey, this is how we do things out here in the Ghostlands. Additionally, there is a guy out in the middle of seeming nowhere that will have a quest for you.

Your log, if you’re doing this right should be totally packed right about now. The nicest part is knowing you can do it solo, too.

image Should you make it out to the Underlight Mines, you will find Apprentice Shatharia waiting for you, and a handy nearby Blackpaw shaman to spice things up. Yes, he got me good, but I got the quest before he got me!

So at the end of the day and this report, we sit at level 13.25, with a pile of quests in hand and brand new armor.


Wave to the camera, ladies.

Next up on Rogue Ramblings – Alyxandria tackles one old quest, more of the Ghostlands, and most likely hits level 16.

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