image Has the ever present gray-blue gloom of the Ghostlands got you down? Need a little lift after the holidays? Head on down to Silvermoon City, and we’ve got you covered with an orb of translocation. I went and bought a snake while I was out (lowbie shopping, yay!) and talked to a guy about the Horde. Yeah, from orange to blue-gray to orange. The Horde needs options, okay.


Before heading back to the Ghostlands, I did this simple quest, since it was green. Reputation collecting, ahoy! Just be careful of the murlocks who like to clump up in ways that make it dicey to pull. That done, time to hearth on back to home, aka Tranquillen, because I was too lazy to walk.


image One thing I do want to do before we go further is give a shout out to Cobaner, a level 60 who decided to help the newbies milling about Tranquillen by giving them each a healthy stack of gold – he didn’t need it, he was really just exploring around he said, and he had plenty anyway. No more scrounging around for the remainder of the beta for me! So if you’re out there, thanks! This is also the highest number of people I’ve seen in one area that are actual players, not npcs – considering it was around the holidays, it made the cut of camera worthy moments.

Still, it was time to start methodically working down the list in an effort to reach level 16. This means tackling !Salvaging the Past – which you can do pretty quick since the creatures there are a level or two below you. While out and about, and going !Down the Dead Scar and finding !Tomber’s Supplies. Now since there is much debate over just how clear this Tomber quest is written, I am going to just tell everyone where the supplies are. Honestly, you could walk by it a dozen times and not really let it register that’s the cart you’re looking for. There’s lots of upturned carts around, you see.


Before you ask in General, this is the cart. Go to the fork, bend yourself left. Go up the hill. Or look at the radar. This is the newbie blood elf guide that helps you out, and all.

Thanks to these folks, I finished off Windrunner Village. I confess, there’s no other reason for this picture than to go “oo” at the pets in it. I was easily amused that evening. Also, much thanks to Eluvian and Sehktmet. People like you make the beta great.


If you have !Wavefront Medallions at this point, please hold on to it. You’ll get another quest at Farstrider Enclave you can do at the same time. Save yourself time, energy, and corpse runs at least.

Now we need to go !Investigate An’daroth, anyway. This place isn’t too hard to navigate solo if you don’t just charge in screaming like a banshee idiot. Head on back to Tranquillen and realize everytime you show up, these NPCs will have something new for you to do. I do a pretty good sweep and I still always find something new to do. I picked up four new tasks:


!Into Occupied Territory (from !Investigate An’daroth)
!Troll Juju
!Investigate Amani Catacombs
!The Plagued Coast

image For the record, !The Plagued Coast and !Into Occupied Territory are in the same area, you have to get through the beach anyway to get to the island you need.

Speaking of combining quests, have you done your !Trouble at the Underlight Mines and !Underlight Ore yet? Ore drops off the Blackpaw Gnolls and other things you’re killing anyway. Grab a passerby for random PUG fun. As you’re heading back, be sure to hit some spiders and get rid of !Culinary Crunch – the ones you’ll see around are level 10, and thus, cake for you. These are not the spiders you need later. You can !Deal with Zeb’sora with ease if you haven’t already, and the follow up report delivery (not pictured here). You’ll probably be just about level 15, depending on how you deal with your surrounding mobs while questing.

Hike, hike, hike…

Time to hike to Farstrider Enclave! I miss my epic mount, but when in newbie lands, do as the newbies do. You have to go to the enclave anyway and it has a lot of new quests for you. What, more? Yes, more. You’ll also get a two part quest, and !Curbing the Plague is the second half. The first half involves lynx killing. Yes, all those cats you passed by (and probably killed to get to the enclave) should be dying quickly. More on this in a minute, so keep reading.

While you are in here just go ahead and pick up everything. Be prepared to handle the !Spirits of the Drowned first. The lake is right outside. These level 12-13 mobs are packed closely together, and have a tendency to sneak up from under the water. While you kill these, dive underwater and take care of those !Wavefront Medallions. Once you turn that in, Geranis wants you to get going and !Vanquish Aquantion, but I set that aside and went back to the enclave.


New quests, more quests, shiny quests, did we mention quests.


So, about !Curbing the Plague, since this quest ate up too much of my time and I don’t want to see it eat up yours, here’s the deal. The mistbats you can use for this are everywhere. In fact, they’re probably cousins to the EPL Plaguebats and just as annoying. They’re really close to Farstrider Enclave, and fool you into thinking everything you need to do this quest is within a few screens. It’s a clever illusion as you realize how you’re hunting around for spiders, having seen none of the kind you need – Spindleweb Lurkers. Do you know where the spiders are? I went all over. I’ve found every kind of spider in this zone. So now I know, and I want to end this adventure at level 16 by sharing the answer with you:

They’re right off the road heading to Windrunner Village and down by the river.


Next on Rogue Ramblings, Alyxandria takes a journey to 18, encounters more random pick up groups, answers our most recent question about the Forsaken and who knows what else right now. We’re going to make it to 20 this week, so hang in there and thanks for coming along!

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