So, I decided since I was going to be playing in the BC beta, I should write about what all horde players will do once they buy the expansion. So, I started to think and came up with the following requirements…

1. Create a Blood Elf.
2. Make him a Paladin, because well, shield+hearth ftw.
3. Make him look like Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy series.
4. Name him Sephiroth.

Thus, Sephirothlol was born (“Sephiroth” was already taken). Remember, this is what EVERY horde player will be doing, so I’m sure everyone will experience the Burning Crusade beta and immediately identify with my adventures once they play.

So, upon starting off, I listened to the nice intro zoom-in sequence, and immediately forgot whatever it said. Something about an exploding sunwell or something. Whatever, I’m Sephirothlol, that doesn’t scare me!

My first quest is to kill some rats. And by rats I mean flying/floating glowing worms called mana wyrms. The quest said they guarded this big important crystal but are now out of control and I must kill some so that they can fix the system. Not sure how a ton of level 1 mana wyrms were going to successfully guard something so important…
Luckily for me, but unluckily for the ladies, my first looted armor was some pants. So I complete my quest and get some boots. Now we have Sephirothlol strutting around shirtless. I was immediately offered a modeling job, but turned it down since the world needs me. And the people of Silvermoon City now love me 250 points more.

Apparently, all Blood Elves are “addicted” to magic. We get to drain mana and area effect silence at will. Also, it is endlessly orange… everything is orangish and the trees are permanently in “Fall colors”. Also, not sure why my ears flap when I run, or my irresistible urge to occasionally twirl when I jump. I’m still learning how to swim using my arms, but I just think they get in my way. I finally invented a way of jumping where you stick your left arm out in front of you and pull your knees to your chest. It looks very dramatic, and it seems everyone is copying me now.

I’m famous.

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