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World Of Warcraft: The Adventures of Sephirothlol, Part 2


imageimageSo, while admiring the renovation of Castle Greyskull, I was quested to go inside. Apparently, the other Blood Elves used to control these ruins and now a bunch of badies infest them. Well, that’s where Sephirothlol comes into play!

They are waaaaaaaaay too busy standing around being level 30 to go out and kill and collect their precious mana-whatevers, so I get to do it. No seriously, if each of the quest NPCs just decided to get off their adorably, perfectly sculpted blood elf behinds and go kill everything, the place would be rid of the level 5-8 mobs in a day. But, there is something to having a horde of little babies go and try for you.

Ten gold says they are laughing at the others who struggle to do their job for them. They won’t laugh at me though; who would dare provoke the great Sephirothlol?! No one!

imageWell, I felt that it was time for me to get some rest; find some nice place to “crash”. Found a very nice one and I think you would also agree. I mean, just check out the chick that came with my room! It’s nice to be a Blood Elf…

But, she didn’t cook, so I left. I wanted some Herb Baked Egg, like everyone else, and she didn’t know how to make it. Fine, I’ll go teach myself, gah. So I did, and I now need a Small Egg. I had heard through the rumor mill that Small Eggs are hard to come by. You have to go hunting tons of birds and you may get one or two. Well, not for Sephirothlol! Every single Dragonhawk dropped one or two for Sephirothlol. I’m eating very well.

As I finished off the badies inside the renovated Castle Greyskull (Ruins of Silvermoon City for those not old enough to get the joke), I moved on… to the great unknown. And… it looked like the rest of everything else: orange and FABULOUS!

There were some things that looked like they wanted to die, and some people who seriously needed the help of Sephirothlol. I helped them and I’m Honored. No really, I’m now Honored with Silvermoon City. Well then! On my way to Silvermoon City!

To end my glorious day, I’ve been invited to a party by Lord Saltheril. I rock so much, baby.image

P.S. By the way, I picked up the Jewelcrafting skill, because everyone and their mother will pick up that tradeskill once the expansion comes out. Ooo! Shiny!

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