Chapter 1

As I headed into Farstriders Square in Silvermoon City for my regular training, a man approached me. I didn’t realize who he was at first, but as he came closer I saw his face. It was “Knight-Lord Bloodvalor,” Captain of the Blood Knights. After greeting him, he went straight to the point of why he came.

Drayvock, it is time to prove yourself as an adept in our ranks.

Before a newly-minted adept can be accepted into the ranks of the Blood Knights, he must procure the resources to create our order’s most distinctive weapon: The Blood-Tempered Ranseur.

You must also earn the right to wear our order’s insignia. When the order was founded a set number were forged and distributed, so each new adept inherits his from a veteran. You insignia will come from a fallen knight who bravely led an assault on Deatholme.

I have prepared a set of notes to guide you

I took the notes from him and headed out. As I departed, I began to read the notes to see what I had to do first.

Notes – Page 1
The creation of the Blood-Tempered Ranseur requires a variety of rare and volatile materials, resulting in a fearsome weapon of superior craftsmanship. I will list the materials in order from easiest to most difficult to obtain.

Do not forget that you must also secure your Blood Knight insignia before the materials will be accepted and the forging process can begin.

Notes – Page 2

Blood of the Wrathful – In order to properly temper the metal of your weapon, it must be quenched in the Blood of the Wrathful. Though the blood of most demons holds a substantial amount of power, common blood is not sufficient for the forging of your Ranseur.

Discreet inquiries with the warlocks of Orgimmar have proven helpful in beating a supply of blood. The Searing Blade cultists within Ragefire Chasm possess an orb filled with the kind of blood we’ll need for your weapon. I am told the orb is guarded by an orc calling himself “Jergosh the Invoker.”

Exercise caution as in all your dealing with demonic powers. You can never tell what might happen when handling such a powerful substance.

I’ve heard about the Ragefire Chasm underneath the orc capital, Orgimmar. Apparently, the dark forces within are stronger than normal creatures. I decided to find a friend to assist me. I made my way to Orgimmar, passing through the Undercity and to the Zeppelin Tower outside. I asked a goblin when the next Zeppelin to Orgimmar was. He simply pointed to the giant flying machine right outside, and then he went back to his papers. I found a room in the lower deck, and rested until we got to the capital…

To Be Continued…

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