World Of Warcraft: The Path of the Adept: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I entered Orgimmar and it was much… different … than my home, Silvermoon. I began to look for one of my own kind. I saw orc Guards, and Tauran Merchants, and a Troll selling pet snakes. I found another Adept-To-Be by the name of Elvisha.

We made our way to Ragefire Chasm. At first there were giant worms near the entrance. As we ventured further we began to encounter the Searing Blade. They used special techniques to weaken us, and even to disarm us! But my companion and I prevailed each time.

After defeating cultist after cultist, we saw the Blood-filled Orb. Guarding it was the orc named Jergash, along with a crew of his Searing Blade Cultists. It was a harsh battle, but thanks to our Healing Powers, we finally made it through. Elvisha was first. She filled a vile with the blood in the orb, and then I did.

Immediately after filling my vile, we heard a painful yell. A giant demon charged at us! Apparently, we were taking his blood. The demon swung its giant sword, just missing Elvisha’s head, and I took the opportunity to slash at its back. It focused its attention on me, and just then Elvisha put a nice gash in its side! Confused the demon tried to swing both ways, knocking be on my back, and making Elvisha lose her balance for a moment. The demon brought his sword over his head, and I thought I was a goner, but just then I saw a sword pierce through his back and out his upper chest. Elvisha saved me, and I could not repay the debt.

Elvisha helped me up, and thanked me for helping her get the blood, and I thanked her for letting me live! She said her farewells, and I said goodbye. She then used her hearthstone, and disappeared. I decided to head back the long way, and managed to make it out without a fight.

… To Be Continued…

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