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World Of Warcraft: The Story of the Draenei


Sit and I will share with you the tale of the Exiled Ones, the lost Eredar who escaped the clutches of the Evil One. This is the story of those who travel, running before the legions of Sargeras, running from those who would betray their own people into a lifetime of servitude in exchange for power. This tale is not one of nearly escaped danger, for I fear the danger will soon visit upon us here, in Azeroth.

The Darkening

The Eredar were an ancient race, intelligent and magical. Based on these talents, the Eredar built a society, powerful and vast. These people, living before the dawn of our ancestor’s time, were contemporaries of those that built the universe, the Titans. One of these Titans was charged with keeping order in the universe. This one was Sargeras.

Whether some foul nameless thing tainted his mind, or dealings with early races who wished to rule over all others did so, no one knows. But the spirit of the Keeper of Order darkened. His desire became no longer to keep order in the universe by settling disputes. His desire became the eradication of all life. Sargeras grew a demonic army, The Burning Crusade, to complete his mission, and this army needed leaders.

Sargeras, the Evil One, leader of The Burning Crusade, became intrigued with the Eredar. Their intelligence and magic were unparalleled. The powerful Eredar were to be the generals of Sargeras’ army of demons, leading the vile multitude in the destruction of life in all Cosmos. The Destroyer of Worlds played upon the desires of the Eredar, approaching the three leaders of the race.

“I offer you great knowledge, power unbounded!” Two of the three were tempted and became officers under the Evil One, pulling their followers into the Crusade. And the power and knowledge of the Two was indeed great.

The third, Honorable Velen, saw the darkness in Sargeras’ plan and declined. One of the Two, Kil’Jaeden, was enraged at the foolishness of the younger Velen, and pressed him to accept. Velen, fearful of his elder and his elder’s new powers, made plans to flee, along with those who would follow a different path.

The Exile

Velen knew standing against Sargeras and the Legion would end in defeat. It was only a matter of time until they too would join or be destroyed. But, Velen knew the horror that awaited them in or at the hands of the Legion, so he stood firm, hoping and praying each day for aid.

And soon, this aid came to Velen and his clan. The Naaru, mysterious beings of The Light, offered to help the Eredar’s escape, as they too, recognized the danger The Burning Crusade posed to all. The Naaru put these Eredar on their way, and they barely escaped Kil’Jaeden.

This clan of the Eredar, those who stood firm against the Great Demon and his generals, became known as the Draenei, the Ones in Exile. They traveled the universe for millennia, searching for a new home, moving frequently, always wary of being found by the Legion. The Draenei are a widely traveled group, having seen many lands and wonders throughout the universe, spurred by Kil’Jaeden at their backs.

And yet, they grew weary and longed for a home. Finally, they found a small and peaceful planet, and quietly settled, making the land home. This place they called Draenor, the Refuge of the Exiled.

The Corruption

The Draenei lived in peace for the first time in generations, keeping to themselves. The Naaru kept the Draenei safe, bestowing upon them the powers of the Light. They explained to the Draenei that there were indeed others in the great universe who held the same ideals; that there were those who would stand with them against the Accursed. Heartened by the words of the Naaru, the Draenei held fast to the Light, and grew in numbers and power once again.

After a time, the Draenei began to travel about their new world. Sharing this quiet planet with them was the mighty Orc race. The Draenei, wary of anyone but their own, as Draenei and Naaru were all they’d know for thousands of years, kept their distance. But finding common ground in the shamanistic ways of their own past and the culture of the Orcs, trade and commerce began between the two cultures.

But the peaceful land of Draenor was not to last for long. Kil’Jaeden, still true to his oath to hunt the Draenei to the ends of the universe and time, found their refuge. But instead of simply attacking, the demon put into play a more insidious plan.

The Orcs were a fairly primitive, but good race. They were led by wise shamans over the centuries, and were most in tune with the land. Kil’Jaeden saw in the Orcs a powerful weapon and set about corrupting the people through their leaders. He caused them to drop their shamanistic traditions, and pick up blades and dark magics. And through these corrupted Orcs, Kil’Jaeden fulfilled his oath.

The Orcs ripped into the Draenei, taking them by surprise. The Draenei mounted a defense to attempt to push back the onslaught of the Horde. However, the demonic power behind the Orcs was too strong. The Draenei once again went on the run, but not until after well over half of their brethren had died.

Of those that lived, many were affected by the darkness surrounding those once-noble Orcs, and many Draenei became corrupted themselves. Many were trapped in the bloodthirsty mindset of battle. Some had lost their intelligence and were nothing more than shadows of the beings they once were.

No one knows what has happened to many of these beings, as they were too dangerous to the safety of the Draenei to be brought along on the escape. It is believed they may still roam the ruins of Draenor, now called The Outlands. But what did follow the Draenei in their flight from Draenor, was a passionate hatred for the Orcs on behalf the dead and those Draenei still living, in whatever form they may take.

The Journey’s End

Having narrowly escaped the Burning Crusade once again, the Draenei set their sights for a new home. However, only to have left one danger to another, their magical vessel was damaged. The Draenei were not certain, but it seemed someone wished to obtain the crystals fueling their vessel. These crystals held great power, and it is believed someone with a greedy desire for the unusual, powerful magic found there, made an attempt to steal them.

This attempted theft, or perhaps sabotage, caused the Draenei to crash onto some small islands off Kalimdor. The proud Draenei’s journey seems to end here, unable to run again without their magically-charged vessel.

And that is the story of how the Exiled Ones find refuge in Azeroth. They will join the warriors of the Light, the Alliance, in their struggle against the Horde. And I wonder if soon, Kil’Jaeden and his Legion will continue his hunt for the Exiles here in our lands…

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