World Of Warcraft: WoW WarCry RoleCraft #13: RP Mods

Thank the gods for the modding community! These intelligent and enterprising people represent one of the foremost aspects of RP – imagination – and waste no time putting it to use to create many groovy and wonderful additions to their favorite games. Those of us not so fortunate to possess a matching intellect still get to benefit from their diligence and hard work, by using their creations to enhance and expand the usefulness and downright fun for our favorite games.

Roleplayers are especially indebted to modders. While it is certainly possible to RP in WoW straight out of the box, it certainly is made so much more easier to do so with the addition of a quality RP addon.

Near the top of this site page, there are a row of menu options that will take you around the WoW WarCry section. Under the Guides menu option, in the drop down list that appears, there is a sub-section named Helpful Mods, where the WoW WarCry team has collected links to some of those wonderful mods I spoke of. Officially called the World of Warcraft WarCry UI Mods Listing, the list points to WoW mods for manipulating the interface, maps, and combat, along with more that help with individual classes.

My fellow RP’ers may have noticed some mods we are known to use missing from the list – until now. I have added many (not all) addons that we RP’ers find handy, making it a quick and easy place to find an RP mod that you also use often, or may want to check out as something new.

The first set of mods here, with more sure to be added as I find and test them, are as follows:

Cartographer is an ACE2-based mod that adds user friendly options to the game map. Players may add their own map markers and notes, toggle the map to show or not show unexplored areas, view coordinates, instance maps, and more.

RP use: memory mod

Eloquence is a language mod that adds flavor to your character’s speech by adding proper dialects and racial accents. It works for both speech from your character to the public, and vice versa. Other options make this a very customizable addon.

RP use: Trolls sound like trolls, Draenei sound like draenei.

Emotomania add over 100 new pre-set emotes to the game, greatly increasing your RP speech and emotion options while decreasing the time it takes for you to convey them.

RP use: Expands the conversation choices of your character.

FlagRSP2 is an AddOn for World of Warcraft that allows players to add additional information about their characters into the game. It is designed to support role players and allow others with FlagRSP2 to easily see if the character is a role player or is even in character.”

RP use: character background and personality depth.

ItemRack makes it easy to switch weapons, clothing, and equipment with a single click.

RP use: changing clothes and outward appearance depending on the locale.

Titan Panel [MacroMenu] is a plugin that creates a handy pull down menu listing all the macros created for your characters, freeing up space on the UI.

RP use: quick and easy access to your macros.

MyRolePlay is a mod that works very similar to FlagRSP2, with a few more details available.

RP use: character background and personality depth.

ImmersionRP is a system that is completely compatible with flagRSP in the aspect of sending and receiving of the custom character information. However, while providing the same basic services as flagRSP, it also offers a set of features that are unique to this particular system.”

RP use: character background and personality depth.

Roleplaying Helper (RPH) allows your character to automatically roleplay to certain events with user-definable phrases and emotes. RPH comes stocked with many RP phrases and emotes, and you can add your own.”

RP use: easy, ‘automatic’ RP.

AnnoyRP is yet another addon to provide chatter. It is aimed primarily at roleplaying usage; you can set up selections of funny or appropriate things to say on particular circumstances, such as spell casting or ordering your pet around. It is fairly friendly, and accepts drag and drop of spells for nearly automatic configuration.”

RP use: easy, ‘automatic’ RP.

SpeakEasy is a World of Warcraft addon that attempts to give a bit of extra flavour to the stagnant speech macros people use in the game. Rather than having a single set speech-text attached to a macro, SpeakEasy allows you to have a variety, to be chosen at random. You can make as many different categories, and as many different speech-texts in each category, as you like.”

RP use: character personality.

BattleCry is a set-up and leave mod that can be used for a variety of purposes. Its basic functionality is quite simple: Whenever an action is performed, it will automatically execute one of any number of “cries” that you have previously set up. These cries can be output to any of the standard grouping channels (say, yell, group, raid) as well as emoted.”

RP use: easy, ‘automatic’ RP.

Lore was designed to aid Roleplayers in World of Warcraft with the ability to speak in ‘languages’ other than those enabled by Blizzard (for example: Dark Iron, Demonic, Elemental, Drudic, etc). Lore translates your text in /say, /party, /raid, /guild and /yell to a specified user-defined language. “

RP use: character personality.

PetEmote makes it possible for a player to add character and personality to their pets, much like Roleplaying Helper does for PC’s.

RP use: gives your pet(s) their own sense of realism.

Dwarvenizer / Trollizer is a very stripped down and basic speech mod with Troll and Dwarf accents only.

RP use: Dwarf and Troll accents.

MyQuests is an addon that allows PC’s to create quests for other PC’s, and will also track their progression and handle rewards. Sadly, it is no longer in development, and I only list it here in hopes that someone will pick it up and make it what it should be!

RP use: Player run quests?! Huzzah!

Here ye, here ye! Starting with this article, the WoW WarCry RP Guide will now be known as WoW WarCry RoleCraft!

My fellow roleplayers and readers who have followed me know that I started with the WordPress blog named RoleCraft some time back. Shortly thereafter I answered the LFW (looking for writers) call from WoW WarCry, and the RoleCraft blog was mostly left to float along on its own. Since then, the relationship between myself and the WarCry network has held strong, and is showing promise of increasing momentum. So, I felt very comfortable in asking and receiving a thumbs up to change the name of my RP column here to one that looks and sounds much better, and that also holds promise for some other modes of RP I hope to bring to the MMORPG community overall in the near future. The blog formerly known as RoleCraft has become the RP Archives, and will serve as the place where I will house and store all my authored RP articles, along with other general and specific online items with some relation to RP, no matter the game or game genre. Role on!

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