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World Of Warcraft: WoW WarCry RoleCraft #15: RP on the WWW


Stepping away this week from the usual WoW-centric RP view to instead point to some quality websites that cover RP in a much wider and more general sense. This will not be a very detailed look at each individual link, as I’m saving that for future articles, but I do want to introduce these websites to those who are finding them for the first time, and maybe refresh their place in the minds of those who may already know of them.

The Escapist Issue 114: Who Are You?

“The importance of roleplay as a genre and as a game mechanic/play option leads us to this week’s issue of The Escapist. Greg Tito discusses psychology experiments and how they might apply to how we choose to play games. Leigh Alexander explores the out-of-game roleplay based upon Final Fantasy VII. Nova Barlow shares with us how her inner roleplayer died. Russ Pitts dips a toe into the unusual waters of Sociolotron and the roleplay there. And Erin Hoffman is still searching for a true heroine with whom she can identify. Find these stories and more in this week’s issue of The Escapist.”

Dramatis Personae

“Dramatis Personae, to put it simply, is an online roleplaying association. More specifically, DP is an open internet forum-based community of creative, mature, caring, and fun-loving adults who have banded together to create memorable comedy and drama using World of Warcraft as our stage. We have also established a set of reasonable standards by which we can evaluate roleplay and improve our own skills.”

The RPG Consortium

“We strive to be the ultimate online roleplayers community providing features from forums that discuss everyday life topics to roleplaying game discussions (like Dungeons and Dragons, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms and D20) to actual RP on the site itself. We have many gaming articles and working on releasing various RPG tools to help you with such mediums like Free Form play by web to paper and pen table top gaming. We even cover collectable card games and miniature wargaming! We hope you enjoy your visit and hope you’ll stay with us as a long time member!”


“WoWRP is a collaborative writing project to build a comprehensive resource for role-play in Blizzard’s popular World of Warcraft massive multiplayer online role-playing game. With your edits, we’re able to create a free resource that benefits the role-playing community. WoWRP currently contains 424 articles written, edited, and maintained by our community. Please join us by contributing an article today or by expanding one of the existing articles. And remember, registration is free!”

Mischief and Mayhem

The newest member of the RP family online to my knowledge, this podcast is hosted by a couple of avid roleplayers with the Sterling Guild over on the Blackwater Raiders realm: Garnil Thunderman and Mabon Lightpath. Each weekly episode offers their thoughts on general and specific RP topics, guest interviews and comments, along with a written running storyline involving the two characters. I’m looking for this podcast to grow in both quality RP content and regular audience, so add it to your list of weekly podcasts to catch. Role on!

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