Huzzah! Yes, last week’s article was supposed to be the last in the RP City Tour series, but I have since then acquired an update that needs to be added, so why not do it now? This will be a much shorter article than normal as we give the Aldor Rise in Shattrath City a look with RP in mind.


First off, I need to give much thanks to Teleios, guild master of the Shadow Syndicate over on the Mug’Thol server, for this information and for the screenshots. Thanks Boss!

I’ve updated the Shattrath City map from last week to show the new places for some possible RP on Aldor Rise according to the info provided by Teleios. As I suspected, Aldor Rise is not far from having the same set up as the Scryer’s Tier, and I took a guess at there being mainly four sites on the Aldor side to focus on, and it paid off.


Starting at Aldor Rise north, the building with the red X houses a couple of NPC vendors, one selling staves and another selling jewels. The rest of the house is fairly open, allowing a couple more PC vendors to house their shop here alongside theNPC’s. Again, the closeness of other shops make for an easy run when supplies are need, or to visit the bank or auction house.

The star indicates an vacant house almost exactly like the one marked the same on the Scryer’s Tier. While a bit sparse on furniture, and in dire need of a more lived in look, it would still do well for a character’s home, or as a temporary place to lodge for a night while passing through, without having to spend any RP coin at the Inn.


The blue square location is another meeting hall building like on the Scryer side, with a few rows of those same low stone benches and plenty of open space. Guild meetings, simple gatherings, and similar events would work well here.

Lastly, the moon marks the Inn on the Aldor Rise, complete with an Inkeeper, a handy Food & Drink vendor, lots of beds, well lit reading places, and a comfy main room where could be had some nice relaxing RP conversations.


Both the Aldor Rise and the Scryer’s Tier offer each faction some potential places for your style of RP, and I’m sure I have not listed all those available. It is good to see a number of possible RP places in the main Outland city, especially since it’s such a central hub and used by both Alliance and Horde. Now if Blizzard would build into the game a few better ways for the opposing sides to RP with each other instead of always having to be in a constant state of hostility. Shattrath City would be the perfect place to begin. Role on!


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