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World Of Warcraft: You’ve got BC questions, I’ve got BC answers…


Everybody loves questions!


1) In recent BC previews, blizzard reps have stated that reputation will feel like less of a ‘grind’ then currently is. can you confirm or elaborate on this? 2) Some internet previews have mentioned a ‘save feature’ for dungeons and quests. anything you can enlighten us on? 3) finally, does the winged instance design philosophy really reduce the amount of time required to run instances? ie. will casuals have it more casual? thank you

1.) Getting rep with the various factions seems incredibly easy. I haven’t really gone out of my way to do anything and I’m Honored with Thrallmar and Cenarion Expedition and Friendly with the Sporeggar tribe. There are various repeatable quests to turn in fairly common items that award anywhere from 250 to 500 rep a piece, and killing in Hellfire Citadel and Coilfang Reservoir gives you +7 rep a piece with Thrallmar/Honor Hold and the Cenarion Expedition, respectively.

2.) There really isn’t one, I’m afraid. What they meant in regards to Medivh’s Tower was that it will be on a lockout timer like the current 20+ raids are. Bosses you kill will remain killed for a period of a week.

3.) All I can say is… if Coilfang were one instance, nobody would ever finish it. EVER. The current runs are about 1hr-1:30 with a good group. Is that casual enough? Probably, though maybe not in some cases.


f Orcs have Wolves, Night Elves have NightSabers, and Taurens have Kodos, then what do Bloodelves and Draeneis have??

Final, definitive answer. Blood Elves ride Hawkstriders, which are rainbow-colored Chocobo-chicken things. Draenei ride baby Elephants (or close to it!)


I have heard mention of the difficulty in the mobs in Outland. Does it seem at this point that the Downtime afflicted by the increased difficulty is longer than it currently is? (Should be easy to answer seeing you are a mage).

No, not really. It doesn’t seem as though I have to drink more often than normal, unless I end up with adds and have to use some of my more mana-draining skills (but that’s the same in the current game, anyway). Downtime isn’t much of a problem at all.


I heard that in BC, you get to see the spell and the castbar of a targeted enemy caster, in the default UI, just like a “builtin enemy cast bar addon”. Is that true? Can you screenshot it?

You can indeed. I’ll get a screenshot or two later, but it’s pretty small (which is nice, it’s not too obtrusive) so it might be hard to see.


Can you clarify a bit how the “token system” (vs. the current “random drops”) Blizzard talked about in regards to acquiring PVE armour set is implemented and works ?

Not… really. In Auchindoun (the third “dungeon hub,” located in Terokkar Forest), if your faction controls the PvP objective–which resets every 40 hours–you can get Spirit Shards off of the bosses, which you can redeem for nice loot. The token system seems like it has more to do with defeating bosses in Hard Mode dungeons–but, since I’m not high level yet, I haven’t done that!

Also, a correction to one of the very first questions answered–the new Blood Fury DOES affect Ranged AP as well as melee.

Keep your questions coming!

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