An Xbox Live glitch gave out thousands of free Microsoft points to lucky Xbox Live Rewards users.

While some unscrupulous users immediately went on a shopping spree, others thought it wise to check with the Microsoft mothership before spending their recently acquired windfall. A tweet from the official Xbox Support Twitter account indicated that players could keep the deposited points while another thanked customers for their honesty and urged them to enjoy their points.

However, it now appears that whoever was manning that Twitter account late last night was on the happy gas and Microsoft is feeling somewhat less generous in the harsh morning light. Players who had yet to spend, or simply didn’t notice, the misplaced points have had them taken back. A more recent tweet from Microsoft stated that, “The Rewards deposit today was credited multiple times for some users. The extra points have been recalled.”

Microsoft hasn’t made it clear if they’re going to reclaim the games or items already purchased with glitched points. Perhaps this makes me a sour bastard, but I really hope they do. While no one is entitled to any of these points, it seems fundamentally wrong for honest customers to go without, while dishonest (or maybe just oblivious) types get to walk away with the swag. See that screenshot in the top right there, Xbox Live Rewards users? You could be enjoying that right now if you weren’t such nice people.


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