Independent game studio Hello Games, whose trailer for procedurally generated exploration game No Man’s Sky was one of the greatest hits of VGX, has suffered a flood.

The Hello Games office has suffered damage from a flood. Severe storms in Britain have brought flooding and power losses to thousands. The independent game studio announced the sad news today on Twitter, stating that almost everything from the office has been lost. The independent game studio behind the Joe Danger series of trick racing platformers is a team of only four. Hello Games’ recently announced project No Man’s Sky has generated a lot of anticipation. There is no word yet on the impact that the flood will have on the studio’s projects.

Hello Games made the headlines earlier this month with the announcement trailer for No Man’s Sky, which was revealed at VGX on December 7. The game is a major change from the Joe Danger series and will have a persistent, procedurally generated world spanning multiple planets. Sean Murray, Managing Director at Hello Games, described the new game at VGX, saying, “We wanted to make a game about exploration, and we wanted to make a game that was real. If you can see it, you can walk there, you can explore it. The planet on the horizon is a real place.” The trailer shows players exploring underwater, on land, flying in the atmosphere and in space. The game will also feature combat between players. No release date has been announced for No Man’s Sky.

We will update this story as details become available. Everyone here at The Escapist is sending their well wishes to the folks at Hello Games.

Source: Hello Games on Twitter


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