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This page focuses on contacting us to submit articles for publishing. If you're having a technical issue, or just need to get in touch with the editors or staff, please visit our contact form instead.

As mentioned in the recent open letter to the community, things have changed for the Escapist.

As things are, the Escapist's main content is now almost entirely dependent on voluntary efforts. Given that, I would like to open up content generation to the community. Anyone who would like to write content for the Escapist is welcome to do so. The biggest caveat to that is even though the Escapist is a large platform, it is one that is generating no one-writer or editor-any income. That means work created for the site will be unpaid.

For that, I apologize, I understand that having an ad-served platform hosting your work comes across as highly distasteful. It's not something I am very happy with either. However if you do feel the call to generate content, we would be honored to have you.


Article pitches should be sent to with the "Pitch" or "Escapist Pitch" somewhere in the subject line. Do not submit completed articles or videos.

The Escapist presently has five major content categories: Videogames, Movies & TV, Comics & Cosplay, Tabletop, and Science & Tech. These five subheads seem like decent categories to sustain, so they will be the major subheads on which the Escapist will continue to operate. In each of those categories, the type of content we're looking for should fall under one of these three categories: Feature Opinion, Review, or Preview.

  • Feature Opinion: Any article, essay, comic, or video that primarily focuses on some subjective element of its parent category. This can range from a deep, researched dive in religious symbolism in a game to a personal journey or experience found while watching a film. Just about any article that isn't an interview, review, or preview will fall under this category.
  • Review: Largely self-explanatory, any piece of work whose primary goal is to explore the merit or value of an experience or product will likely fall under this category. A good way to think of a review is in answering the questions "What was x trying to do? Did it succeed? Was it worth doing?"
  • Preview: Similar to a review, previews exist to explore the value or merit of an experience or product pending final release. These tend to draw fewer conclusions, and exist to explore potential aspects of interest or concern with the subject being previewed.
  • Any interest in an article that doesn't follow these categories is certainly welcome, but will likely require more consideration by the editorial team.

    For those unfamiliar with pitching: Pitches should be between 100-200 words, cover roughly what the article or video intends to be, and emails should also contain writer names or preferred pseudonyms, as well as a little bit about the writer.

    Articles - Draft and Formatting

    For now, the Escapist is operating loosely under AP Style. Some special considerations:

  • "Videogames" is one word.
  • Use the serial (or Oxford) comma, which precedes the "and" in a series. (For example, "Videogames, Comics & Cosplay, and Science & Tech.")
  • American English rules apply, including spelling and punctuation within quotations marks.
  • As with AP Style, italics to be used for game, book, and film titles. Quotation marks used for magazine and article titles.
  • Emphasized text should be bolded, but used sparingly.
  • Completed drafts should be submitted via Google Docs, with a "Shareable Link." Link should allow editing. Edits may take several passes, and time to receive responses. No article will go forward without final say from both writer and editor.

    For reviews and previews, also providing recorded footage and screenshots are appreciated.

    Videos - Draft and Formatting

    Video essays, reviews, and previews should be submitted to editors first as scripts. Only after edits and clearing should recording go forward.

    Any footage with nudity and extreme violence should be cleared with editor first, and once cleared will go up on the Escapist with an age gate.

    Videos, once recorded, should be submitted to your own YouTube channel with embedding enabled, and will be linked via our system. Monetization rights remain yours to choose.

    Publishing Rights

    Since this is volunteer run, and cannot pay, you retain all posting (and footage) rights to your work hosted on the Escapist. No exclusivity clauses, no non compete clauses. Repost at your leisure, in full or in part. While a link is appreciated, it is not required. All of your work is without contract, and belongs to you first, and allowed to us second.

    Likewise, articles are allowed any links to Patreon, Paypal, Ko-Fi, or any system the author chooses. Links to Patreon pages that host pornography or extreme violence will be subject to clearing ahead of time, but otherwise come without restriction.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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