Poll: Your favorite current Cartoon Network cartoon

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I haven't watched CN regularly since around 2008. Pretty much all the old shows I liked watching I have saved on an External Hardrive. But out of the new ones, I've taken a liking to Adventure Time and my mate keeps telling me about how good Young Justice is.

Going with the new shows are we? Fine. I think I'll go with Adventure time, mainly because it's still showing. I really liked the new Thundercats(which is weird because I could barely tolerate the old one most of the time) and Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated(even though I missed like a third of the episodes), but aren't being aired anymore. Scooby Doo I can understand why it has stopped because they actually had a season finale and it might just be taking them a while to get the next season ready if it hasn't been cancelled. Thundercats, however, just seems to have faded into the background without a trace. Anyone know what happened to it?

Wow I feel old. I have watched absolutely none of the shows on that list.

Ok, I've watched one episode each of Adventure Time and Regular Show, but I thought they were pretty bad.

Elementary - Dear Watson:
I haven't watched anything since Xiaolin Showdown... but that's because I no longer had the channel! Xiaolin Showdown was flipping awesome though! One of my favourite cartoons ever!

Oh man I remember Xiaolin Showdown, that show was great. I had totally forgot.

Regular Show hands down. It's legitimately funny and the voice acting is really good.

Thundercats would have to be second. I'd like it more but Lion-O's amazing power of slashing people while making no visible marks bothers me A LOT.

I just clicked this thread to see if I recognized any of the shows on it.

I can confidently say...nope.

Have a hard time between Adventure Time and Young Justice.

Love both those shows to absolute pieces.

Voted Adventure Time though.

Adventure Time, mainly because its the only CN I watch, I have heard that The Regular Show is good though.

What time is it?

I enjoy Regular Show, but Adventure Time is still a rip snortin' good time.

Other than that, Amazing World of Gumball has a few good episodes.

Gotta vote Adventure Time. A good number of those other choices are good but Adventure Time is the king of them all.

Adventure Time and Regular Show are like having a cherry icee after hot sex.

I respect Adventure time but I don't watch it. Regular Show on the other hand is pure gold.

The way I see it is:

Regular show is a resistance against bad shows holding out against the onslaught of shit CN has been creating. Adventure time and young justice are allies but they are not essential to the return of CN's greatness.

Regular Show is a cartoon meant for college-age kids. I fail to see how a 10-13 year old could enjoy the humor in it.

Fortunately, I am a college kid, so I get to enjoy it as much as I want. :P

OT: Regular Show and Adventure Time are definitely up there for me, with Gumball close behind. Couldn't decide. :<

It was a three way tie between Generator Rex, Young Justice and Thundercats for me. Voted for Rex largely because it's the only one of the three that isn't based on existing characters. (ok there was apparently a comic first but far as I can tell there was only one issue and lots was changed between them.)

Adventure Time. It's simply ALGEBRAIC!!!

...I don't think any of these shows are even on the Aussie Cartoon Network...

Out of the poll above? Tough call. I like Thundercats and Young Justice, though I didn't see much of them (I should really get on that), Adventure Time and Regular Show are both good, Genrerator Rex is pretty badass, and I like that Scooby-Doo: Mysteries Incorporated has taken the series in a considerably darker direction.

*SIGH* Still, I miss the old days, back when the majority of cartoons on *Cartoon* Network were all worth watching, and there were no dumb live-action shows. I hate feeling old when I'm only in my 20's....

The only one I've really watched is Adventure Time. But regardless that show is great so I chose it.

You know something, a few wrong posts and this thread could take a turn for the worst.

Must. Resist. Stupidity impulse. Must not reply to certain people.

Honestly, there was a time period where I hated most new cartoons, now, after the whole CN Real thing that came and went, I'll take anything...and judge it meticulously, but still take it. I'm just glad any cartoons exist at this point, since there aren't that many on the air. Most of the shows below encouraged me to take a look at newer shows.

OT: Hmm, well I'd have to say Adventure Time. I had a love/hate relationship with this show. Wasn't of a fan of most earlier episodes, some were borderline annoying for me but later on they smoothed things out and the show kinda caught on to me. Can't wait till season 4!

Right behind it is Generator Rex, because I've always wanted a superhero like this to pop us since I was 10 years old. The whole machine-human-nanite thing has always seemed cool to me. Some of the sound effects sound out of place though...

Regular Show bodes well with me, though it seems to have the Tom-and-Jerry thing going on with me in terms of loving and hating the character. My childish half loved Jerry's antics while my adult half says, "Hey, Jerry is kinda an asshole." Same thing with these guys. Still love it.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the Amazing World of Gumball. Didn't look good to me at first, but after watching it, I must say I really like it. It's just so...I can't really describe it. What I mean is, I kinda feel like these are hyperboles of situations I've been in at some point.

Move MAD to Adult Swim and we're talk. I'm cool with the show, but it could be so much more on Adult Swim.

And Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated is growing on me. They're slowly but surely weeding out all the things I hated about the show, mainly that weird, relationship crap they tried to institute. Just work on not making the villains so obvious, and how they do things (Seriously, sonic concussion device? Chemical Hormones? What?) and we're gold. I love the whole Mr.E subplot running through the entire series, and this scene:

HAHAHA! Scrappy was terrible...

Edit: You know, now that I think about, I'm not sure whether these shows are actually good or if my standards have just gotten lower...doesn't matter, got toons.

The World of Gumball
hands down
no contest

Old school cartoon network was much, much better.

Can't even pick any of them because I don't like any. o.O

Generator Rex and Young Justice are both fine by me, though the schedules seem iffy as of late.

This looks like the thread to have someone pitch me ideas: why would anyone watch a full episode of Adventure Time? I sat through one of the half-episodes they do, and the plot was so flimsy that my 9-year-old cousin was having trouble holding an interest. The entire storyline was this one plot twist that would make Shyamalan groan.
It's it right up there with MLP:FiM on the list of shows that have no appeal to anyone I've ever asked. What am I missing?

I also watched Regular Show right after, and that kicks ass. I don't know what it's about, but during the episode I watched, this one scene went balls to the walls when the gumball machine guy went Super Sayian and nearly killed the protagonists. Neither show is very good, but Adventure Time is squarely in second place there.

This is why I stopped watching cartoons, I think.

I don't really watch a whole lot of television nowadays, ever since my Fallout addiction reared its ugly head again. I did watch an episode of Thundercats at a friend's house a while back and enjoyed it, so I guess that's what I'll go with.

psh, its all about the classics!


Cartoon Network has been working with several new cartoons as of late, some of you know this and others well......
Whatever, point is they have great programming on now (besides jonny test and some others)
and what of the new stuff is your favorite.

Gasp! How can you even watch that station anymore?

and... and lets not forget..

pshhh, can you even consider the choices that you gave as decent?

Yes I can consider them awesome because I go out of my way to watch them.
Toonami is the past, sure it was good but it was the past, if it means that much go watch toonami jetstream or join one of the causes to resurrect it.
But I need people to watch new shows or get fuckin offed by the network
Symbionic Titan(especially symbionic titan)
and I wish shows like 6teen and stoked had lasted longer in the U.S. but they didnt even bother.
Also they show looney tunes in the morning and I think midday if they mean that much to you and as much as I watched them as a kid they are so old and played out for me to even argue for them to be on tv anymore, they have the Looney Tunes Show now and its not that different.

but point is these new shows are good and you must overcome your nostalgia and point your anger at networks not even trying with varied and new animation(nick and disney).

General BrEeZy:
psh, its all about the classics!

lookin back, I really regret and hate that I watched that ugly idiotic show.

Thundercats, cause I don't want to feel mainstream here. From the little I've seen of it, it is alright.

General BrEeZy:
psh, its all about the classics!

Haha, I fucking love that scene. Ed, Edd, n Eddy was glorious, practically my favorite cartoon. The movie rapped everything up so nicely.

Though, I really hope people don't just come into this thread to post that. Wait, too late. I loved the classics too, but please don't just come here to post your distaste for the newer stuff. Now at least you were humorous about it, General. Other people are jus-nope, not gonna start anything.

This looks like the thread to have someone pitch me ideas: why would anyone watch a full episode of Adventure Time? I sat through one of the half-episodes they do, and the plot was so flimsy that my 9-year-old cousin was having trouble holding an interest. The entire storyline was this one plot twist that would make Shyamalan groan.

I also watched Regular Show right after, and that kicks ass. I don't know what it's about, but during the episode I watched, this one scene went balls to the walls when the gumball machine guy went Super Sayian and nearly killed the protagonists.

Ah yes, I believe that episode was called Thick Positive. Well Mordecai and Rigby, the main protagonists, are what you'd call slackers. Relatively okay guys, but they aren't really good workers.

Now their boss Benson, the gumball machine guy, follow the rules, work hard kinda fellow, typically does what any boss does to slackers. Yells at them to get back to work or else they're fired, etc. However, this appears to be bothering another character, Pops, an older gentlemen who is technically Benson's boss. He tells Benson to stop yelling at Mordecai and Rigby and putting them down, or else he's fired, kinda putting Benson in a place he's never really been before.

Benson tries to explain how the protagonist need to be yelled at to get anything done, but Pops is kinda one of those naive, hands-out-lolipos kinda old guys. After a few failed attempts at calmly talking to the characters and handling his frustration, he bottles up all his anger for an entire day.

Which apparently causes Benson to reach some sorta critical mass of anger, where if he holds his anger in any longer, he's kinda gonna nuke the entire town. So, Pops quickly tells him that he needs to yell at Mordecai and Rigby, or he's fired. (though he probably doesn't mean this literally, only as a way to save Benson from himself) So, to stop himself from getting fired, he unloads all his anger and emotions on the protagonists.

So yeah, there's that. As for adventure Time...I'm kinda tired of trying to change a person's opinion. If I do, it's not like I actually get anything out of it, so I don't really care what you think. Believe what you want to believe.

Edit: Though, so I don't come of as lazy and trying to wiggle my way out of an explanation, I guess a lot of people enjoy it because...well, some people genuinely like the characters, find the adventures enjoyable, think the show is actually humorous, and a good chunk of the fanbase is out trying to piece together Adventure Time's whole backstory. Oh, and this:

...I don't think any of these shows are even on the Aussie Cartoon Network...

That is very unfortunate, whats on over there currently?

I haven't watched traditional TV in ages... Netflix has totally taken it's place. I however, have been recording and watching Young Justice. I'm a bit surprised it's losing by such a large number... >>

Anyway, I picked Young Justice because from what I've seen it's an excellent cartoon that also reminds me of past excellent D.C. cartoons. It's no Batman or Teen Titans... but it's still pretty damn awesome.

Old school cartoon network was much, much better.

Mmm... I... Regular Show kind of pushes this ahead of the old Cartoon Network.

I still miss the old one, but this is more than a worthy replacement.

What about "Star Wars: The Clone Wars?" It's a pretty decent show, and they actually made Anakin an interesting and likeable character. It's also one of the network's bigger name shows, I mean come on, you have MAD up there, and it's definitely more watchable than that.

Regular Show. It's very funny, has interesting Characters (Even if the two main characters are only better version of "Bros" from horror movies), and some awesome fight scenes. MAD Comes in second because it's really really funny.

I think Adventure Time is okay, but I find it really Creepy that a 13 year old is in love with a 20-some year old. I just find that really creepy. I also find it creepy that this 20-some might have the same feelings for the 13 year old (Pedophelia much). It also was just as creepy with the Gender Bent episode, which also got worse because *MAJOR SPOIL* it was a Fanfic from the Ice King (He's got a sad backstory btw)*END MAJOR SPOIL*.

The Total Drama Series. I used to watch it back before I knew that Cartoon Network aired it pretty late compared to other countries, so now I just watch the episodes online. Heck, the 4th season is half-way over in Canada and it hasn't even been announced to air on Cartoon Network.

Regular Show.

It's the only one on the list that I've seen.

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