If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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*nails the door to the window* Watchu gonna do?!

*walks out back door*

HAHA! I had a back door!

At least I don't have loans.
Capcha: MSN (describe this brand with any words)
Response: It's not a brand, its a program!

Boooo, loans. >.>

loans? *thinks* That's why I'm broke! *Runs* *screams* -You'll never seduce me alive!

Captcha: good samaritan

... *shakes head* I get the strangest visitors lately...

Why are you wearing that mask/bag?!

What? You again? Didn't I already order your over-sized #2 pencils? Sure... I'll take a look at your Sky Mall Catalogue.

Sky Mall? This is a soul stealing contract.

HA! I already sold my soul to someone else so I'll sign your contract. What do I get for it?

Jams. Lotsa jams. O_O

Me too!


Eh. I say okay. To jammes and whatever that brain thing wanted.

I'd ask why she is doing that.

Here, have some tea!

No crumpets? Milk please!

Absolutely smashing!

*presents goblets of milk* O3O

*drinks heartily*

... o_O ... I have no comment.

yeah you better not. *drinks more*

I don't need insurance, religion or a vaccum, go away!

How about a vacuum cleaner insured by God? O3O

I'd rather have a God insured by a vacuum. Thanks.

I'd rather have an insurance by God's Vacuums.

I'd rather have a vacuum that cleans up God's messes.

i would be wierded out... btw does this count as rape? should i call 911?!

When did I move to alternate universe Muskoka?

The time when you dozed off with those headphones still on your head.

I'd let you in but you see, I can't do that >.>

'cause we all know what happens when that happens. ;D

That too but there are some other problems with letting you in >.>

But they're such trivial things!

... Why are you at my door? Did the boy scouts send you?

The bear scout sent me. He's saying that you haven't paid the blood tribute in 7 days.

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