If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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*Closes the door and prepares to make a last stand in the attic*

O_O I think I'm going to sneak out through the closet and lock myself in the shed again...

Did you kill somebody? Did you???

Who left a sign in front of my door steps?

*Smacks lips* I wonder what you taste like?

I swear to God, some kids must be leaving this sign just to piss me off!

Room service? Smashing. Please take this obscenely large tip and never come to my house again!

Barbas! *Throws a can of Malt liquor towards him* Come, we drink!

Oh well *opens can*. May as well get shit-faced now! ^^

Wait no! What are you doing? That is Anaconda Malt liquor!

You three asses, GO AWAY!

You aren't going to like this next part.

Halloween was last week, kid.

Well that was a nice magic trick. Okay here is €1 now go buy a coffee for that and leave me alone.

Have you come for my soul? I've already forfeited it. Why d'you think my complexion's so sinister?

Just in time to play Risk!

Hey, who left this for me? How nice.

*drinks it*

Is that for me? Thanks! :D

I may have to kick this can.

Why don't you come inside so I can serve you for dinner?

Shut the door. I've never trusted rabbits and it's been working for me great so far.

Do come in. can I offer you a drink? perhaps a root beer or nice Canada dry?

Ah, just in time for DuckTales!

I must be dreaming...

Scary man, do not bother me.

You're getting squishy viscous goo on my wellies.

[runs to closet, puts rubber boots on]

Welcome, friend!

Oh no. Quick! Take the crossword!

I'll just be running over here!


...Sorry, I was expecting you to sing a carol or something.

Mister why do you have such large teeth?

What's with the baloon?

A dragon? Well that's not right.

There's too many of you boys...

This is the darkest timeline. God help us.

I didn't order a magician.

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