If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For sending me endless spam.

For thinking I spam only him

For not spamming me. I'm, so, ronery, so very ronery.

For not appearing on my spam list

For not putting me on your spam list.

Spam spam spam egg beans spam sausage and spam.

For putting the Spam Song in my head.

To make them sit still for a second damn it!

We were in a UFC fight.

for being in a UFC fight

Because they have a rainbow badge so I know they won't hit me back.

For trying to bieberfy people.

For causing an inferno

For not being beiberfied. (seriously though, I can't change my badges)

For having poor fashion sense.

For almost using naughty language.

For not fucking swearing their face off.

For swearing.

For calling me out

For killing me with a counter-attack. Wait..

For using badges to spell things.

For bringing up badges again.

For having a problem with that.

For charging for a value-less shock.

Because I dislike the number 3.

For hating numbers.

For thinking that souls are made of plastic and rubber.

For being troublesome...

For trying to open doors with axes.

For trying to perform surgery with axes...

For thinking it wouldn't work.

Because it's hard to think with an axe in my brain...<.<

For complaining.

Because it's hard to complain when you're dead, and you killed me... I hope you're happy...<.<

For repeatedly picking on certain other users.

For believing it might make his face less blurry.

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