What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Just another brick in the wall. >:o

Is Rick Astley.

Is Rebecca Black's number one fan!

Is fighting for the spot of #1 fan.

Is a famous community member of every fan site for every boy band in the last 20 years

Tastier than the average taco.

Has deep-rooted paranoia about being banned and not reaching his long-awaited goal of 100,000 posts

Will be happy when all Escapist servers crash.

Is working on a way to crash the escapist servers (you fiend!)

Will not shed a tear over the loss of the escapist.

Wants to find the computers of every user on the Escapist and destroy them

Gives donations to IGN.

Has fundraisers for the Westboro Baptist Church

Secretly runs the WBC...

Donates money to Taco.

Referred to WWII as a "miscommunication"

It was! Those poor soldiers didn't want to do that, they-

Believes the moon landing was faked by the Illuminati

Believes the moons is a lie.

believe that this world is a lie

Does not believe in life after love.

does not believe in the land before time.

Does not believe in Toy Story. T^T

Once shot a man in Reno just to see him die.

Was the prototype for Claptrap

Is Micheal Bey.

Is Tommy Wiseau

Is m night shyamalan

Is Hayao Miyazaki

Is a bad voice actor.

Is actually a small blue cat in real life masquerading on the internet as a person with a cat avatar

Clubbed baby seals to watch them cry

Is actually a pizza...<.<

Can't count to 5

Is a terrible shooter.

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