If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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...This isn't stuffed. Why aren't you stuffed.

Some sort of sexy ninja maid, I fancy. Hrrrmmm...

...Didn't I return this statue to the pawn shop yesterday?

Somebody somewhere's having a lot of fun right now.

You can stay for as long as you like.

I'm okay with this.

Well, this is...shocking.


Wonder if I slept with the woman or the... I think that's a cow?


*flips out of bed*

Owowow. You're giving the sheets static!

This is confusing.

What the feckers..... Calm down!!

Pff, make me!

A psychotic pink pony? I had worst first dates.

Sure why not, could gave been worse.

Oh, hey...wait a minute...oh sheeeee-

*Falls into chasm*

Hmmmm.... Are you some sort of vampire/phantom/zombie/psychopath/sociopath/shitthatwantstohurtme? If not, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :D

What are you supposed to be? A frog? A toad?


I hope I didn't leave too many scratches on you.


How did you fit in the bed?

Not again.

Oh it's you. Hey.

Why do you always invade my bed, you horrible monster!

I find that I often say the same thing to my cat.

No, no, NO, NO! Holy carp! I'm going to get arrested for zoophilia!

Think of it as the result of a fish pun.

Well, the rules for the forum games say that you shouldn't swear here. I think. I'd better not take any risks.

And you thought that pun was bad? I haven't even gotten started.

Lol...wut? I don't know about you, but from my experience of the forum games, nobody has a problem with swearing.

Also, stop dancing on my bed, you dirty hippie!

No swearing? Shit I've been breaking rules for 4 years now. :O

Hey, Baby? Where did you go? All I see is a pair of glowing eyes... Oh dear God save me!!!

...Wait, you're not that horrible monstrosity that haunts me when I sleep? THERE IS A GOD!!!

What do you look like under that helmet?! Tell me!!! *starts shaking you*

Oh no! A yandere!

Please don't hurt me!

It's a ninja'd hippie! I saw you get ninja'd, don't lie to me! <_< What's worse than a ninja'd hippie lying next to me, is a lying ninja'd hippie lying next to me.

...I don't know what you mean, miss.



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