Truth or False?

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False, don't really know him.

The person below me doesn't hug strangers.

True, but I don't hug anyone, I've received hugs however.

The person below does not enjoy hugs.


The next person wants to ride a hovercraft

So very true.

The person below me has heard of the Dancing Plague of 1518.
(I'm not making that up either)

False. o.o

The person below will tell us about it.

False, that's news to me (I remain skeptical)

The next person once headbanged so hard, their head flew off and exploded

False, my head can't explode.

The next poster will be the people who name dropped me earlier.

@Troublesome Lagomorph: & @VanQQisH:

People are missing me on the Internet? News to me.... :-D

False! I'll never name-drop you, @thesilentman!

The person below me is coming for my tank!

True. My tank. WHY WITH YOU. >:-(

The next person has just lost to a boss.

False. I haven't had a boss fight since the master assassin in Dishonored.

The person below me beat Dishonored twice.


The person below is not scared easily by anything.

False, I'm not a wussy but I do get scared.

The person below me is not a fan of Jazz.

Tralse, it depends on the jazz, but it's not the kind of music I normally listen to.

The person below has a wall calendar.

True, and they are all animals

The next person has special eyes

False, I have tired eyes.
The person below me has once in their life tried to lift a pencil with their mind.


The person below me has at least five dollars in change in their room right now.

Okay, that's true.

The person below has been a troll on other websites before.

No, I'm a much nicer person online than IRL.

The person below me has nothing to play.

False. I have a backlog the size of the moon.

The person below me still hasn't finished that game they've been putting off.


The person 2 below the person above has beaten ME2 on Insanity.

Nah, I played ME2 for the story, I didn't really like the combat in ME2, so why make it harder?

The person below me plays life on easy mode.

True. But there still isn't any cheat codes!

The next person wishes every game had all the best cheats (God Mode, Infinite ammo, unlock everything....etc)

False, I prefer Dark Souls with rules rather than a badass zombies. Now Skyrim, that's different.

The next person going to be from Austria, because why not?

False, England

The next person will be enlightned by this message

False, not really.

The next person is multitasking quite vigorously on their computer. Very vigorously.


The person below me remembers dreams quite frequently.

False, not really no.

The person below me owns a musical instrument.

True, a piano and violin.

The next person has attempted to play music not meant for a certain instrument.

True (don't judge me)

The next person is in love.

True. I can't stop the feels man!

The next person is in a long distance relationship.

False, I could have been, but we decided it wouldn't work.

The person below me can name 20 beers.

True, easily: Heineken, Moosehead, Alpine, Alexander Keith's, Carlsberg, Guinness, Kilkenny, Coors Light, Corona, Dos Equis, Molson Canadian, Sapporo, Harp, Rickard's, Grolsch, Sleeman's, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Labatt Blue, Pilsner and Kokanee.

The next person has had pizza in the last 48 hours.

True (yesterday! Mmm)

The next person says we should go to war with everyone!


The person below can speak another language.

True, but not on me.

The person below me is in a Skype call.

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