Truth or False?

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Whaaaaaa? (ha, now it's true)

The person below me can read minds.


The next person will create their own "Evil Organisation" called Fagola INC.


The person below me will create an organization to take on both the Brovengers and those other guys.

False. I run the neutral organization, The Bunker.

The next person below me likes female legs.


Most people just don't realize the joys of shaving


The person below me now thinks YOLO is pretty funny.


The next person thinks Brazilians are cool

True I guess, I assume I've never met Brazilian people.

The person below knows the secrets of the universe.

All them, and they can all be summarized in two true universal statements:
Bitches be crazy! And,
Pimping ain't easy! (the OCD among you will notice that including spaces, they are 42 characters long)

The person below puts to much effort into unimportant tasks.

True. (the least one can do is make a good job)

The person below has done the impossibru


The person below doesn't know where Argentina is.

False They have an alright Rugby team.

The person below me thinks modern pop music won't be remembered in the way past pop is remembered now.

True, except for a few select songs. (which shouldn't have charted anyway)

The person below me thinks last year was a weird year for the music charts.

False. I think nothing of last year's music charts.

The person below loves My Little Pony.

False, I love that there's an episode called Dragon's Quest, but I'm afraid I did not care for the 2 episodes I saw.

The person below does not get hooked on shows after 2 or 3 episodes.

I tend to give up on stuff very quickly, so if I make it to the third episode, I am starting to get hooked.

The person below me doesn't watch much tv.

Uh.. I guess that's mostly true right now..

The person below me has seen a deer up close.


The person below me would go hunting if they were asked.

True. Just to try it out.

The person below me knows who I am despite having left The Escapist a few months ago.

Nope, new user I'm afraid.

The person below me spends more than 6 hours per day in the internet.

False, I do spend a lot more than that in front of screen.

The person below me will go through the routine of telling Alidrasha the usual stuff of:
Hi, Welcome to the escapist, stay out of the basement, and, if anything goes wrong, blame Kross.

False, too lazy. And they have a DA2 avatar...

The person below me already greeted them in a roundabout way.


The person below me hardly ever greets newcomers

True. I used to greet all of them before.

The person below me isn't a fan of meeting new people.


The person below is eating ice cream and not sharing. >:(


The next person is so old school they watch the latest movies on VHS

False, though I still watch VHS sometimes.

The person below would like a living ship.

False. That would creep the hell outta me, tbh.

The person below me would rather have a friendly onboard Ai who can be moved to a convenient mech body if shit goes down.

True. It's much more fun than people

The next person has such terrible social skills they will move to their own Space Station to avoid contact with anyone

False, I need to be in contact.

The next person has seen Balls of Fury


The next person has ridden a train at least once in their lifetime

Subway train yes, but not an above ground one, sadly.

The person below me wants to ride a bullet train.

True that sounds fun.

The person below me wishes the tub transport actually happened.

Uh... True?

The person below travels by dragon.

False, I go by way of Moose mainly.

My finger is slippery.

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