Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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Master of all things Cheddar.

You don't want to know...

The owner of Deviant Art.

A Deviant Artist who gets no recognition.

The greatest creator of time-killers of all time!

A blue skittle that was bitten by a radioactive spider!

Bad Luck Brian.

Harry Potter if he was a furry

Furry if his potter was hairy.

Papa Smurf's brain


The secret to Ridiculously Photogenic Runner's face.

Clearly he's Santa Claus.

A Canadian fan of Pokemon

A transformer.

A rogue Microbiologist researching the T-virus

A news reporter

He's covered wars, you know

A superhero that only comes out at 1am til 3am

The school janitor.

A Dr.Who fanboy!

A Constable What fanboy!

A fighting game fanatic!

Mexican worker at a taco stand.

The crazy cat guy.

The inspiration for the Eragon series of books

The guy who doesn't know the series is called the Inheritance Cycle.

A person who likes to RUIN MY DREAMS

A man whose dreams are haunted by the ghosts of tacos he once ate and now must bare the burden of his sins by putting a taco on all his avatars

Another crazy cat guy.

A dragon fetishist.

A Happy fetishist.

The destroyer of worlds

The escapists revolutionary.

The last wizard in the world

The last samurai!

The mix of Pennywise the Clown and a nuclear bomb

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