Blatant Lies

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I'm not jealous because I can't get mine to be that large.

The avatar update means you can't make your avatar bigger too.

I didn't know that.
I'm not lazy at all you see.
Plus I wouldn't want it pub club size.

Whatever you do, don't go to this group and request that someone make your avatar bigger.

I hate having a bigger avatar.

Go away Trouble!
I won't ask why I've not seen you around.
@Red: I won't ask First to do it since didn't make mine originally.

I'm not genuinely concerned about the quality of my bigger avatar.

I don't care if my avatar looks bad.

My avatar is the best one here. I also don't have a snow cone.

Nexus Mods aren't being stupid for me!

Time to kill the muffin man.

What are nexus Mods??? Are they lame when added?

I know what they are.

What are nexus Mods??? Are they lame when added?

They aren't mods for Steam Bethesda games/Obsidian ones like Fallout 3, New Vegas, Skyrim, Morrowind, etc.

I know the location of he-who-must-be-named-but-isn't. We must go to his house and beat him up for no reason.

I'm not encountering a glitch in New Vegas that is ticking me off.
Enemies keep disappearing and I have to get close to them to try and kill them. I use snipers a lot! >.<

I don't laugh at you. My brain isn't going "duuuuuuurrrr" right now.

I didn't find out what the problem was.
The man who decided to put a setting in options in which people disappear faster deserves a slap in the face.

I love having a headache. They are so much fun.

I'm not listening to electronic music.

I generally dislike that kind of music.

It isn't a slurry of songs I found from the Saints Row games.

The music in those game can be horrible.

I loathe gaming music.

I despise it. Especially the remixed variety.

I didn't just buy a Where's Wally (Waldo) Costume.
Don't expect hijinks.

That isn't cool. o.o

I'm not thinking about just walking around the city to see if I get noticed.

I think that is a stupid idea. You totally shouldn't do that.

I think you should do that.

I am not up early to go shopping with my family today!

I can think of something else to say right now.

I love cleaning up cat barf.

This thread has not just hit the 20000 posts mark.

You haven't bumped this thread three times. :D

Triple posts are a great thing to have.
I always rejoice when I accidentally post 3 times in a row.

It's a glorious and one worthy of eternal remembrance.

Sounds like you're having the greatest day ever Para.
Care to highlight the amazing parts?
captcha: It is raining. *looks outside*
Why isn't it raining? Why did you lie to me internet! T.T

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